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Community Answers

  1. Yeah, thanks, I liked the first one (never played online, but finished part of singleplayer campaign and played some skirmish matches with bots)
  2. I concur, we need 1.0.10+, see BuildInstructions: (actually it seems findPlugin method was introduced in 1.0.10, see gloox changelog, so previous versions not only have connection problems, but aren't compatible at all) And Ubuntu Trusty has only 1.0.9: https://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libgloox-dev I believe I used Trusty when working on #2305 , but I probably compiled a newer version of gloox from sources. So either find (in ppa or somewhere) or compile gloox 1.0.10+ or build 0ad without lobby.
  3. It was started by me, but now it's a team work with @vladislavbelov: https://github.com/AlexanderOlkhovskiy/0ad-space/graphs/contributors and everyone else interested is welcome to join It should be legally clear (see license / sources / credits sections of readme) if that's what you mean under 'rights' But we want to finish some things before packaging and distributing the first public version, see Milestones (without these changes it's a bit confusing what's available and what to do when playing the mod :))
  4. (a bit late reply, but better late than never) Don't forget to check the specific license terms, since "free" often does not mean "without any limitations", in particular Poliigon's license explicitly forbids redistribution and usage in open source projects: https://help.poliigon.com/faq/license-faq
  5. The AI is a dumb hard rock (no offense, just a wordplay)
  6. I don't think I saw anything apart from the ship, which was smuggled into the game in r9959 . @wowgetoffyourcellphone may remember more details. Maybe something was committed into the art repo or somewhere?
  7. I wonder if it just requires copying the cmpVisual.seed in cmpPromotion in the same way as it's done f.e. in cmpFoundation (and also keeping the actor variants consistent amongs ranks).
  8. A new theory: There is a new mod on mod.io (https://0ad.mod.io/millenium-ad) which has modfile.metadata_blob = null unlike all the other mods (see json here: https://api.mod.io/v1/games/5/mods?api_key=23df258a71711ea6e4b50893acc1ba55) There is a test with the same metadata_blob value (null) resulting in the same error ("metadata_blob not decoded as an object") here: https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/031d790ccff983ab7411178ba0afa75631d17f74/source/ps/tests/test_ModIo.h
  9. Probably mod.io API had some temporary issues and returned an unexpected non-JSON response body.
  10. There is a quite detailed instruction here: https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/master/source/tools/XpartaMuPP/README.md
  11. We have a ticket with some considerations on the subject and some (somewhat aged) WIP patches by @elexis : #3556 (Dedicated server)
  12. We can compare tags in source / translated strings, I recall some translation tools giving warnings when they don't match (and in case of a custom script we of course can define yourselves what we consider a tag). @Gallaecio or @GunChleoc may have some advice (having more experience with translation tools)
  13. Welcome to the forums and thanks for the report, it was also mentioned here (as the second issue), so the topic contains some relevant discussion:
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