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  1. So, if this gets approved, I could talk again about these land changing features?
  2. wow @fabio although the tests are for something else intergalactic, your link is very awesome, wow, good mods are hidden all over the place for this game, wow man
  3. Yeah, but a good sky is good for cutscenes, promotional material, plus I mostly play close zoomed at battles, so which files do I need to edit for editing the sky's textures? @vladislavbelov
  4. would be nice is the skybox was either cylinder shaped by option or for even more realism dome-formed, is the skybox a 3d model file somewhere in the game directories? what file must I edit to distribute a edited skybox? and would making a cylinder formed skybox be possible? or even a orb or dome formed skybox? Or perhaps its even possible to let the game render an animated sky like the dds file I attached with 2 transparent cloud layers and a background layer for atmosphere color? the background could be a simple gradient image DSky0-71.dds
  5. ah I managed to display the skybox, if the map is circular, why is the skybox square? and why are the borders of the map crossing to the skybox still black? is it possible to make the skybox circular like the map itself? @elexis Ps: is there somewhere a mod that has stonehenge for this game? Ps2 (Lol haha ): where are the skybox textures located? can't find any files with the cloudnames
  6. @elexis maybe i sound dumb, but I see no key combo for making the camera see the clouds in the sky, it just shows the map border in black
  7. ah thanks, now a big noob question, what keyboard keys do I need to use to get the sky visible in camera view??
  8. but you can;t place water then? or can you manually place water on higher grounds too? edit: What I try to explain is that it is only possible for water to exist on a certain vertex height level that can be edited in the map settings, if you made a curved world, you could only get water on the edges, since there are also lakes etc in higher grounds, like mountains, I would be wondering if there is a setting somewhere that terrain can be marked as having water (regardless of terrain height level) tiles can already be marked as water, ground, buildable etc, could it be possible to let water appear on tiles that have this property set? Sorry I have experience with over 10 different kinds of similar game engines and their creator's ideas on how they shaped the terrain, also an interesting feature I saw in cossacks (1 & 3) & american conquest are streaming directions of water. this way water animates in a way that it is streaming towards a direction in a set speed. In the editor you can draw a line with a water stream tool and you can set a start and end point of the line and the length of a line, the water will make a streaming animation towards that direction you set the start and endpoint to, and the length of the line indicates the speed the water should flow with, but I think setting a numerical value on that line with water streaming speed would remove the restriction of being forced to draw long lines on sharp curves, now I go work in another external terrain editor and attempt to make a curved globe map Ill post the result here
  9. wow cool @ curved map, how to achieve the map being curved? edit: I mean the map being curved, not a curved elevation, so the edges would be water, pls let me know, this would be epic
  10. Ah this worked too now, this way I managed to make exact copies of levels in another game a totally crazy question, not serious but just exploring: the maps are always flat, is it possible to curve them? or even make them into a globe?
  11. Ah that is great info, also I managed to make the map square, I intended square maps because it implements heightmaps better this way, unfortunately my new random map only appears in the editor and not inside the game, also was really positively surprised that I could copy all light and environmental settings to the random map (from the piic I posted), this is really cool Since the whole feature wasn't finished I suppose I won't see terrain shapes just yet
  12. Meanwhile im doing some fancy intergalactical texture/environment tests
  13. But besides random maps, you cant make scenarios square? (map files loadable in editor)
  14. wow okay, so because the file is very dated, its verfy unlikely that it will still work, also didnt see that other files were involved that were included in the sourcecode, well in this case, even installing the patch might cause the game to fail some other question, at maps I saw the option for a round map or square map, is there a way to make a map squared?
  15. Trying to do it myself is what I attempted, the patch file where was linked to, I have no idea how it install it without needing to install dozens of new programs, I hoped someone could post me the output javascript file with the added/edited codelines so that I could put the .JS in my mod folder and see the changes made by the script and try editing the script myself to see if I can improve it
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