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  1. I play it. Very often, my name in there is C2. You forgot the akimbo pistols.
  2. http://hosted.tribalwar.com/legends/ It's a 60 MB download compatible Windows and Linux. It's based on the Torque engine, the same used for Tribes. I play it sometimes with some people from Linux forums. I hope some of you will try it....
  3. I use Mplayer and XMMS. They own. Btw you must have very deep psychological problems to use Windows Media Player and/or Quicktime.....
  4. I was drunk. Actually, I clicked on ''forums'' from the 0 a.d. page.
  5. I am crossing EVERYTHING I have.
  6. MEIN! Edit (DarkAngelBGE): Post in English !
  7. It's possible? I mean, what kind of ethernet card do you have?
  8. Here is a question for you: What makes POSTING 3 TREADS AT ONCE so fun?
  9. WW2 Urban resistance-GTA3 style with multiplayer and full immersion kinda like Pumped Up BF1942. Located in Poland probably,
  10. Noname Custom made: Motherboard: Intel D815EEAL with audio out all in one(+gpu) Case: Noname CPU:Intel Pentium 3 866EB mhz 256K 133MHZ RAM: Noname 256 mb SDRAM PC-133 Video Card: Jaton Geforce 2 mx 32 mb ram Sound Card: Creative Labs Sounds Blaster live! 256 pci Modem: GRC shiznit HD: Maxtor 30 gb Optical Drives: 52x LG, Sony 32x-4x-8x burner. FDD: Panasonic Mouse: logitech optical Keyboard: Noname shiznitz Screen: TTX 8797 OS: Linux mandrake 9.1 with kernel 2.4.21-0.13mdk I also have a sound system plugged in it. When I play ET you hear Nazis die accross the house.
  11. Get Indigo Workstations and all the RAM and Video Cards you can fetch.
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