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  1. All I have to say guys is that finally I can play with my friends against other people, without too much problem. However, they should never release a version so full of bugs, and they should give the people that still has a valid AoK edition a download for free. (I dont have one still, so doesnt matter to me). I do however find it very very pleasing that there are someone actually working on patches and maybe in future they will add new and exciting features. And yes, i know mods do that, but remember that this new version also comes with (as far as i know) a lot of new modding tools. So dear Microsoft, i dont like you in general, but this was a great idea in my opinion, even though you could be nicer to people already owning the game (considering you didnt really add anything except steamsupport). Cheers
  2. Norwegian, English, some Spanish (Had it for two years in school), a bit of French and a tiny little bit of Italian. Though Chinese and Russian is something that I want to learn, at some point
  3. Love EE, too bad I already got it One of my favourite games of all time No. 2 and 3 are not good though, but I guess new developers often change too much :\
  4. Where are you from originally? That coalminer thing was not for real, like, i wouldnt want to do it for long. Just for an experience. Check out how terrible it really is. Or not. Don't know till youve tried
  5. If 100 % realistic is what your going for, then do it. But I think it's silly. Playing a -game- is for entertainment, and of course the realism is a big part of that. But good games usually combine realism with playability. The main reason I hate the idea of having to look after your farms all the time, is that, realisticly, which lord\king\president\whatever had to do that? The slave or subject or whatever did that without any looking after. Why not unlimited? Why is it more unrealistic? If it matters that much, why not make animations of the farm? From planting, growing, harvesting. Dont really matter, but there is no point in making the player have to do these things. Unlimited just means, leave it to the game. But unlimited isnt the only option, just make it A LOT more than now, and more expensive. And make some sort of AoK system, cause it is one of the most annoying things in the RTS genre, when youve been off to war, recruiting soldiers and all that, and then 15 minutes later you have no food. Because as you went off to war, your farms ran out. And the dumb subjects\slaves whatever, stood there looking dumb because they have no mind of their own ^^
  6. It's between Japan, China and Israel. Israel because of it's history, and because I have a friend who lived there for a year and says it's GREAT. Nothing like the bullshit you read in the papers and hear about in the news. Japan because of the reasons above, and because it's an Island. China is probably my first choice though. A guy I know lived there for a year (not the same guy) and said it was great. Much more open than you'd think. Also, China is soon to be the no.1 economy on the planet, its just a matter of time, so can't be the worst thing in the world, learning chinese (mandarin) i mean. Also, it seems like a cool country with cool people. Although, thats just my imagination Cheers Oh, can I ask why? Why only these countries and is it for studying or work?
  7. Lords 2 had grapichs that still are playable And Settlers is so awesome, still play it sometimes.
  8. Our school have connections in Dubai yes. They actually have a lot of connections I've been told, but popular countries are hard to get into. Like, if they have 2 openings in Australia, which is a very popular country to study in, at least in Norway, and like... lets say 20 apply... well, do the math But, we can choose wherever we want to study outside of school, it's really no difference. The only thing is that it's your own responsebility, and not the university's. It's not really an issue for me what kind of language it is, although, of course, I would prefer English. At least a country that has English in their education so the general public can speak somewhat understandable English. Why Finland? Isn't it a little bit too similar to Norway? Like, I was thinking... not Sweden, not Denmark, not Iceland (for a lot of reasons =p) and not Finland. Never been there though, just generalizing here
  9. Would be a lot better with farms that dont run out. Like, unlimited. I really dont like checking in on farming all the time while trying to fight wars. If you get me
  10. Wow, would take forever to read all that. I did read most of the first post however, and though I don't like the seperate pop idea, i did like the charge idea. As long as its made automaticly (or optional to make it automatic). Could do it like Battle for Middle Earth, works really well. It is .. overpowered though So be careful ...
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