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  1. lolwut? "Accompanied by about 11 ships, 500 men, 13 horses and a small number of cannons...". That vs. many, many, many natives. Screw the fact fact that they had a few cannons, the fact that they bluffed there way inland as far as Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), subsequently conquered it, and rode home to Spain in "glory" is proof of how badass Cortes was.
  2. Oh, good. That's what I meant when I said socket + farm. AoM used to have "settlements" which were tagged as "sockets" in the xml's, over which you could place TCs.
  3. So I started a huge mass-farm in 0AD. Took some screenies to show to friends. The thing is, when the weed farms run out of food, they die out. And when they die out, you have to replace them. All. Individually. Anyone thinking infinite or socket + farm? Jeez, the workers look like ants O.o.
  4. Remember you from the AoM forums =)

  5. Remember you from the AoM forums =)

  6. Hey guys! Anyway, I was playing, and mid game I build a fortress on the plateau with all the metal. (I forget wich map. It had pyramids.) Suffice to say, I won REALLY easily after that. I'm under the impression that you should add a wood cost to the toxotes, as metal alone makes them to easy to mass produce. Ideas? Suggestions? Stupidity?
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