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  1. Still stuff that could be updated in a patch.
  2. The video shouldn't be made until everything else is anyway, therefore no need to update the models and textures.
  3. And that's why it should be an OFFICIAL patch.
  4. Thanks, I was worried it was deleted when I couldn't find it.
  5. I highly doubt they went to the trouble. Even so, I don't think 2D sprites would have trouble running on modern hardware. Yes, the built in MP service in the game hasn't been supported for a while. Most, if not all, old games are like this. You will need something like Gamespy to use as a lobby/host system. Steam could also be used if they patched it into the game - which I doubt would be hard to do. This is exactly what they have done with this "HD" version. They should have just released it as a patch, and then also released a fully patched version of the game on steam. What they have done
  6. The Wildfire splash-screen (logo) should come first. No matter what. Possibly followed by other company logos (such as the game engine). These should be included anyway, and the intro trailer should be done once most, if not all, in-game stuff has been done (models and animations for in-game assets). That's not to say you cannot make a storyboard or animatic (2D and 3D) in the mean time. As for hidden logos in the trailer. I think it would be better if they just had a splash-screen if they're important (such as the WFG logo, and the game engine, etc). Anything else, such as Windows/Linux logos
  7. You may, or may not, know that M$ are going to be re-releasing AoEII and The Conquerer's Expansion on Steam with HD graphics. Now, you might be thinking that this is amazing and what we have all been waiting for, I know that's what I was thinking. But then I saw a video explaining what is actually being done. It turns out this "HD remastering" will essentially only be a patch - or rather, only include features that can be added in a patch - but sold as a brand new game. What you will find is that they have inlcuded higher resolution options, higher resolution textures, and steam support. Not o
  8. Yeah, that makes more sense. It was late when I posted last night. As long as there is a Resource-only option.
  9. The outlines around units/building would be great. Especially for those times where team colour could potentially blend into the background (like green team blending with grass terrain). The colours choosen in the original post are generally good, with the exception of stone - it's actually harder to spot now that the trees have been desaturated. A couple of suggestions: - Allow the player to toggle a full screen version of the map that could include more pixel icons (I would suggest having one for stone and metal, civ centers, wonders, and maybe discovered treasures/relics?). - In AoE2 you co
  10. AoE did a reasonable job of choosing distinguishable colours. Only thing that was a problem was the mini-map. One solution there might be to to include an option to toggle ful-screen mini-maps. That way people wouldn't have to squint and struggle to see specks of gold and grey in amongst all the green. Having the player set what team colours are would only really work for singleplayer. Multiplayer would be harder to make to fair to everyone. As for seeing other colours - that's not usually a problem for me. I think some types of colourblindness do see the wrong colour though. Things just get a
  11. I sometimes struggle with colour-blindness. It's usually not much of a problem in games because steps are usually taken to help prevent this. The most common problem in an RTS would be Player/Team colours. Sometimes colours can look too similar to be distinguishable from one another. Personally, I have a problem with reds, greens and browns. It can be hard for me to distunguish between these if they are near each other in terms of shade/pigmentation (usually mid-darker greens and reds, but virtuall any form of brown). I also stuggle with light green and yellow (lime green looks like yellow to
  12. I am thinking of this in terms of animating, but if the hero in the basket-thing is to attack, would he not be standing up? Maybe he could be sat for idles, but during attacks he would need to be stood? I think the colours need to be bold. Especially if you are zoomed out while playing and they are in battle and hard to spot. But the one thing that's bothering me is the legs. Them seem too straight: they don't seem to get thinner/thicker. And they seem to be too far apart too. Elephant legs tend to come close together to help support their huge bulk. Just type "elephant" into google image sea
  13. These models are amazing. Great work guys! This may just be because I am colour-blind (with reds and greens, which makes browns a pain in the neck!), but, as far as the colouring goes, I find it harder to see the stripes than the solid colours. This may be due to the fact that 2 shades of the colour are used for the stripes, which kind of throws me out a little (the red looks more browny). The blue isn't too bad, but if there are other shades of blue or purples used as team colours, this may cause some problems. I would recommend using the solid colours, but you could also try using a SINGLE s
  14. Thanks for understanding. I'll be around now and then. And yes, hopefully I can do some animating in the future. But nothing is certain.
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