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  1. Not much point of having walls with out gates
  2. Perhaps you should try using some insecticides to speed the process up a little. lol thats a really crap joke. Anyways I am really looking forward to it, am dieing to build some walls!
  3. I fully understand how non seasoned rts players can struggle especially when the game is so micro intensive in these early stages where some of the features that make rts games easier are yet to be added, unfortunately for people like me who have spent so much time playing rts games, the qbot is no challenge, to make it a little harder i do 1v3 against 3 q bots but even that is not really much of a challenge and mid to late game the lag becomes intolerable so anything beyond 3 ai is impossible with the constant mouse lag. I am not trying to Bragg or anything, the first few times i played o ad i lost to the ai so practice really counts. Anyway i was just wondering is the mouse lagg with the 3 or more ai to do with my computer performance being inadequate or will it improve once the game engine or w.e you call it improves?
  4. I often listen to the music when i am playing aom but its annoying that i have to keep manually getting it to replay, i think you used to be able to loop it but now you cant, anyways would be nice thanks.
  5. not sure... i was just told it would be out today.
  6. Ok thanks i did not know that, so where do i go to dll the svn? ( sorry i am not very computer savvy lol )
  7. Can i still rely on the road map to give an accurate date for when the new release will be?
  8. As soon as cities developed, i think it was somewhere around 7000 Bc, farming was the main source of food, farming was no less important in 500 bc to 500 ad than it was in the feudal age. I think it was something like 80% or 90% of people were farmers, as appose to today where something like 2% or 3% of the population in fully developed nations are farmers. So your a bit of if your saying that hunting supplied even as much as 1% of the food during the o ad time unless your talking about the Americas which obviously we are not, Even if you include fishing as a form of hunting, its still makes up a very small amount of the overall food available.
  9. Yer just do it exactly like on aom lol, they did it perfectly. After the you are victorious comes up along with the very short music piece on aom you can then exit or look at the post game, when you look at the post game some epic music starts playing and then you can go to or from looking at the map and the postgame, this allows players to examine the map and all the post game information to see where they went wrong. You really win a war not just a battle yes?
  10. If you were a Roman slave and became a gladiator you were really very lucky, the ones who were not fit enough to fight were sent to the mines where they had to work in absolutely horrendous conditions, had no chance of ever being freed and would eventually die from either a cave in or from smoke inhalation. Their main job was to carry firewood inside the mine and keep the fire burning strong, the smoke coming from the fire in the mine would of made being in there a complete nightmare, not to mention all the extreme physical work they had to do. Gladiators were probably more concerned about being sent to the mines if they did not fight well enough more so than being afraid of their opponent. As gruesome as the the gladiator battles were, at least you would normally get a quick death if you did lose.
  11. Star craft 2 requires a few things to become skilled at it but the main thing is apm (actions per minute) so often the games outcome will be determined by who has the fastest reaction time and who can click/hotkey the fastest. This type of thing makes for a very fun but shallow game and the game really does not require players to think, plan and adapt the way that many of the rts games do. Its more just about knowing the protocols for each situation. Players are often to busy having to keep up with apm to really do much thinking anyway and i would hardly call following a build order to produce zerglings + banelings or banshees+ marines a strategy so i really would hate it if sc2 had any impact on o ad other than showing everybody how not to make an rts game. As for raising the question if aom players would appreciate the borders, i have played aom for years and i like the border idea, aom has a tonne of variety and really nailed many of aspects of a great rts game in my opinion but it also lacked many things, the main one being historical accuracy. To give an example they have the Norse civilizations best known as the vikings, in the same period as the Ancient Greeks LOL. Yes some historians do believe that that it was foreign sea invaders who wiped out the Mycenaean empire (Greeks) but the info aom gives you relates to the Norsemen in the middle ages so its not a bad thing that o ad is going down a different path to aom.
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