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  1. And how about russian folk, at time of czar?
  2. About the "King-mode": searching it manualy wouldn't be fun (and if it is in a building, you even can't). So I suggest one more new unit: spion if an enemy king is close enough to your spion, the king should be marked (for example with a flag) - even if it is in a building, mark the building. Spions should be (almost) invisible to the opponents. They can ... (sorry, don't know good english word) ... "mask", put on opponents clothes. There should be thought about, WHEN/HOW the are detected. Maybe only if an opponent military unit is VERY close to a spion. Other mods ... Something like different
  3. Yes, I'm afraid of it ... => but still I believe, 2) would be good, also now. In this way it wouldn't be only possible to make the AI weaker, it's also possible to make it stronger.
  4. At the moment I'm in a very "unstable" mood, meaning I become very fast sad/frustrated. Playing 0ad, loosing very fast by a rushing computer, or even resist longer loosing then, is such a thing (and reading that the AI is weak is one more stroke). So I thought, what could be done to make 0ad less frustratring. Here is my result: make more friendly game targets: managing a very fast strong rushing attack, almost killing the opponent, but finaly loosing makes more sad, than playing a long static game killing the enemy, even getting a "score" like this: "that was very slow, played very bad!" and
  5. When I'd written this words, I hadn't (much) experience and this was only result of my thinkings. But in the meantime I've confirmed it: in my last game (Death Canyon II), finaly I concentrated only on getting food and exchanged it to the other resources. Still I don't won the game, but that was the closest one I'd played on Death Canyon II. So finaly I have to say, that I don't like the Bazar (at least not in the current working kind). Am I the only one thinking so?
  6. You can use other programs (goodies), staying always on top - still I don't know, if it will work in full-screen-mode. BUT (!!!) 0 A.D. can also be used in (resizeable!!!) windows-mode. Then you can keep a part of your screen for all things you need, like, clock, emails, browser, ... I'm using windows, so it wouldn't be of any help for you. There I'm using the free BB FlashBack Express Recorder. It's still possible to record a virtual Linux running on Windows. Here you can see an example of a recording of an Ubuntu session I've done: (Unfortunately 0 A.D. is not running propperly in Virtual
  7. Because of romans coming with next version, this seems a good thing. At first I favoured (like some others) IMPERIUM, but then I thought, it's nothing special. EVERYONE would use this word, for any game, book, film, ... How about a Roman auxiliaray regiment? Maybe Illyricorum or Ituraeorum? Doesn't it sounds something special? And else ... at the moment, I would think that IANUS would be sounding most "special".
  8. Hi, at first I have to say, that I'm very impressed about 0 A.D. I haven't played games on my computer for a long time, but 0 A.D. let me start doing it again. Still there are so many great things of the game, I won't like boring you in reading too much in things not helping, I will write suggestions. But don't feel sad about my criticism - it's realy a great game. I know that 0 A.D. is based on Age of Empires and not of The Settlers. I don't know anythoung about AoE, but a lot about The Settlers. Of course I know, that 0 A.D. will NOT be a clone of The Settlers (even I would like if someone
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