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  1. That's odd. I don't remember seeing that option even when I checked the map details. I will set it up again to look for it this time.
  2. I defended my base against a first wave from the A.I, so I started to focus on building a counter-attack when I got the above message. The A.I. did not get to capture or destroy most of my structures, so why am I losing the match?
  3. This tends to occur mostly with the defense towers and houses with 2 designs. Sometimes the result works the opposite of the design, and other times it just plain random. I have witnessed this problem around Alpha 9, so it seems the problem is being carried over to the new releases.
  4. Is it intentional or just a bug? At first, I thought it was meant to be decorations, but then I noticed some treasures statues on some of them. I tried to harvest it, but my calvary soldier couldn't climb up the mountain (too steep).
  5. Here is a screenshot of Q-bot's response to killing it's females: Basically, it just keeps sending more and more.
  6. Rare. And usually when it does, it send the civilians far away to harvest. Q-bot weakness: Harvest everything that is far away from it's Civilian Center. If you prevent it from doing so, it will either attack you or give up (gather units in random places).
  7. Yeah, I am currently using Alpha 9. I seen this behavior in some of the oasis maps as well (so far Oasis and Acropolis).
  8. It seems that if it cannot harvest items near your civilian center, it will immediately give up on attacking. Sometimes it will harvest on it's own territory, but that is rare. I felt so bad I even purposely exposed my fortress to tease it into attack, and still nothing (has woman gather in random spot while soldiers are standing near civilian center).
  9. Technically, they have listed TBD (To be developed or To be determined).
  10. When they garrison a building (attacking), the building gains the bonus as well. I actually think I remember this in the early Alphas. Basically, if the building has garrisoned fire arrow units it will shoot fire arrows. It doesn't have to be just with Iberians, but for now their heroes are the only ones that lack bonuses I believe. Also, they have very few of unique units.
  11. No I mean just repair. My problem is that champion units tend to die to fast to contribute back their cost. At least citizen soldiers can construct and repair their garrison, and heroes can tank a lot of damage (great for siege/garrison protection). It would be nice if champion units could also repair buildings (only) to make up for their low health. If I was a champion unit without work, and someone offered me money to repair their house, I would gladly do so (would still be considered realistic).
  12. Probably has been brought up before, but I was wondering what are the thoughts on this idea. It would be nice to have them help for those of use who like to work on our defense first..
  13. 1. Might be a little complicated to fix just for Alpha (not that I am a programmer). I recall one of the developers mentioning that their main focus was implementing ideas for now. 2. Same as number 1. Also, often times I only ungarrison a unit to destroy the building (could be more useful somewhere else).
  14. +1 Very easy to know where to place your thread.
  15. Out of curiosity why do the Hellenes have the auditorium building?
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