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  1. hey, all. been a while, hasn't it? more than two whole years! i just thought i'd pop in and post something in the hopes of getting some constructive comments and other suggestions. though i haven't posted here in a long time, i haven't stopped thinking on this project. the biggest thing i came up with for it is a proper setup of civilizations based around the idea of properly-themed expansion packs. that also means that the roster of playable civs has expanded from twenty to thirty. the idea i came up with is, after the vanilla game, there's one expansion pack loosely connected to each o
  2. the implication with towers generally seems to be that a defender just comes with it--where else does its line of sight come from?
  3. what i'd recommend is to take some inspiration from Empire Earth II, which also had a capturing feature (though 0ad's functions is much better). in EE2, when units (just infantry in that one) are told to capture a building, they walk up to it and essentially start saber-rattling, raising their weapons over their heads and shaking them as it looks like they're shouting (but there's no special sound for that). for 0ad, it could be done with cavalry by their horses rearing up, and units with shields could bang their weapons against them.
  4. of course, it would still be even cooler--and probably alot more popular--to include some true dinosaurs just using Chaos Island that i mentioned earlier for inspiration would dole out Parasaurolophus, Compsognathus (or perhaps a larger but similar animal in its place--Coelophysis comes to mind), Pachycephalosaurus, Dilophosaurus (ideally at its full size and non-venomous), Stegosaurus, some large dromaeosaur in place of Velociraptor (i recommend Achillobator, personally, but other options for actual fossil species similarly-sized to the JP raptors are Dakotadon and Utahraptor, though the sma
  5. yeah, if nothing else some extinct proxies for the modern animals included already could probably be done pretty easily--the models could reuse the animations for the regular animals. going on that by itself, there could be short-faced bears, entelodonts, giant camels, Macrauchenia, Deinosuchus, mammoths and mastodons, Sivatherium, horse ancestors, American lions, horned gophers, woolly rhinos (Coelodonta or Elasmotherium, or both), saber-toothed cats, and dire wolves. they'd probably fit better with the whole setting than most dinosaurs, too, since while all of these would be extinct by the t
  6. it was Alpha 20 before, now 21. i even checked on the map i play most often (Archipelago) and it's not there. the enigmatic thing about it is that i KNOW the lighthouse was available on that map before in 20 and then it just suddenly disappeared. whoosh. gone. pwfft. it just doesn't make sense.... thanks for the explanation in any case
  7. i heard about Paraworld waay back when it first came out (the first online community i was really a part of was Jurassic Park Legacy, now closed down, so alot of the people there were paleo-nerds like me). never played it, but heard it wasn't exceptionally good--that was the impression i got from others, at least. probably what most people would think of in terms of dinosaurs in video games right now would be ARK: Survival Evolved, a Minecraft-esque game (in that you collect resources and build and craft things in the same way, but the graphics are "more realistic" rather than deliberately ret
  8. for some reason, the lighthouse has disappeared from the Ptolemies in my game. it's still in the editor, but it doesn't appear on their build list. any help on this, or at least an explanation?
  9. Based on a discussion in this thread, I thought I'd open discussion as to what people think about if dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals were included in the game, ideally as a default feature. This would be just for fun, entirely separately from the historicity of the game, and wouldn't even necessarily be present in the main part of the game--they could be editor-only units for custom maps that deliberately evoke a lost world feel. As mentioned in the eyecandy thread, they'd ideally be as close to current knowledge as possible, with most (but not all) of them being feathered and function
  10. the unfortunate thing is that Dracorex is probably a synonym of Pachycephalosaurus in any case, i do have some ideas for exactly which dinosaurs and other prehistoric species could be included. you want i should post 'em here, or should we make a separate thread for the idea?
  11. i don't know if this has been brought up before, but one thing i'd recommend is to put docks on the list of buildings that a civ can have and still lose--it's kind of annoying playing against AI players like i do and the very last thing a civ has, which is way the hell out of the way from where the central hub of their civ was, is a random dock that doesn't even have anyone depositing resources at it
  12. personally, i like the idea that raptors could run up vertical surfaces by using their wings for lift, kinda like how some characters in video games can run up walls for short distances, and i've decided to include a righting reflex like cats for them in a book i'm writing this kind of ability would be great if they were a controllable unit, getting them over your enemy's walls kinda like the Anubites in AOM, but that's a different discussion entirely if you guys want, i could write up a hypothetical list of prehistoric animals based on all the civs currently in the game, or else
  13. looking at earlier posts in the thread, i'd also like to put forward my support for zombies as a non-historical gameplay element, something a bit more unique to include just for fun it could even work by giving the zombies a special ability to "turn" other units by spawning another zombie next to them when they kill another unit as well as having spawn-points for new zombies at random places around the map, plus groups of them spawning in the map to begin with like fauna fantastical stuff aside, i'd also love it if some prehistoric animals were included so that there can be some "
  14. silly me, i didn't even see the direct download link! i'd been clicking on the torrent button near the top of the page i don't know how to torrent/don't have the tools for it (anymore) so i'll just go for direct download. i always play it single-player, anyway, so does hosting from Wildfire Games' servers affect that in any way?
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