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  1. You could increase the cost of the building in that situation if you want to factor in the extra time it would take to actually remove some trees. Off course mines I wouldn't see deleted by buildings only trees.
  2. that would help indeed, by the way I edited my initial post a bit regarding siege engines garrisoning.
  3. You have some cool stuff going on. I wish you all the best and hope you can finally release this someday.As for myself being more interested in the base building aspect of this game. I think I put in about 10 hours in this build and about 20 in the standard build alpha 22. Here is what I found in the 10th of December 2017 build: 1.Workers when they verify the closest drop site check the distance, not the actual walking distance. So you can have a storehouse at a bottom of the cliff, and a town center on the plateau and the worker chooses to go to the storehouse because it's th
  4. I downloaded alpha 22 from your site. I see that improvements have been made to the pathing and stuttering when large armies are in the game. How can I build a patch to update my game to the latest revision without downloading every file one by one?
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