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  1. I really like the idea, but think it needs a decal. (and variations, but that should be done after everything else)
  2. I think my sister has an account on here as well, not sure though.
  3. I study Lojban (www.lojban.org). .i mi cilre fi lo jbobau
  4. Or we could just disable wonders if there is no victory condition with them in the current game.
  5. I gave the one from the picture a try, I think it's a lot better like that. And credible xD EDIT: I forgot the picture, silly me!
  6. Back already :-) Exactly why I mentioned my doubts about the stability. I thought about leaving out one spike in two at the centre, but I'm kinda a bit afraid it might not get the message through enough. If anyone has ideas, feel free to sketch or make it. I'll give some other stone walls a try tomorrow and let the wooden walls rest until we have some good sketches or references. OMG Helm's Deep would be soooo epic! It (=helm's deep) could probably be done by making the wall segment with the grate separate and giving the bomb unit a ginormous bonus against that segment.
  7. not sure how realistic, but it could do the job as placeholder. As I'm leaving my computer behind tomorrow I was kinda hurried to give you something to work with. It's kinda weird that those spikes are standing on rocks... Maybe I should add some planks to make the structure look stronger? palisade.zip
  8. Using 3d grass models at the border also helps to make the transition smoother, maybe even some shrubs.
  9. I think an urban map would be nice for the movement, mini-map, selection, etc. tutorial. It doesn't matter that there aren't any resources, building space, etc.
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