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  1. What image should be used for the occupy turret cursor? Would onager be representative of the turret mechanic?
  2. I don't know if there's a mod for this (I'd use it too). That image's just something I made in paint.net to showcase what it could look like.
  3. There are night maps in the game and I mostly play them instead of the regular day maps. They're in scenarios but I wish there were more of them. Perfect if you're playing as the celts. Also, can we have torch props and bloom effect for fire?
  4. Battalions make it less painful to micro, and with that system in place there is possibility for active abilities and to highlight importance of units. In RTS like 0 AD and AoE 1 skirmisher feels worthless, especially when the typical pop cap is around 300 (or more). Losing a unit feels painful in Warcraft 3, even more so in Total War. Also, in say a 50 v 50 archers engagement players focus attack killing 1 by 1. That is not historically accurate. I'm not advocating battalions to replace individual units, but getting back to the topic at hand, if the forge mechanics were to be expanded up
  5. Worst building is definitely the corral
  6. Were you able to get it to work? Squad works much much better when units have synced animation, which doesn't exist yet in 0 AD. Maybe at this point just make a unit grouping where you can't select individual soldier. The formation system already gives the illusion of a squad.
  7. If by "similar to a Market" you mean manually exchanging raw materials for armaments, that would be too much micromanagement. IMO the only way to make this mechanic less annoying is by making barracks produce units in batch of 10, 15 or 30. Or group them as one unit and have a squad based RTS. Interesting idea to differentiate the civs tho.
  8. "2 Mauritanian Archers ready" implies one barrack queue-producing 2 units. "1 Mauritanian Archer ready" "1 Mauritanian Archer ready" implies two barracks each producing 1 unit. This distinction is important. How many "windows" in total? (wonders, diplomacy, units, buildings, resources) Having a separate window for every one of them is a waste of space. Besides that's not how notification panels are usually done. Even in this forum there is only one notification panel for everything.
  9. I posted something like this on the suggestion thread, but after giving it a second thought I'm not sure if people would not find it annoying, especially in late game with tons of buildings and units.
  10. but there's a tree there thats why you cant build??? edit: ah nvm its about the rotation. got too focused on the first few seconds
  11. That's actually quite nice. I really like it. Reminds me of Age of Empires Online. But: - What's with that hoplite helmet on the left and the III below it? It's taking away 1/4 of the ui - 3 shields in the center, if they're not buttons, they shouldn't be there. Except the spartan one of course. - That vase, I get the idea, but it's too protruding and will clog up the screen for no reason. - It lacks player name, but im not sure where to put it. - HP should use healthbar. It's almost always a given in any modern RTS. - Greeks and laurels?? I'm no history buff
  12. Is this the reason why combat demo lags so much, even after the corpses have completely "sunk"? Because they're actually still there? Forgive me I do not understand how it works on a technical level.
  13. So like the chaos in Dawn of War?
  14. I'm going with Ynys Mon, because it implies a massive rework for the brits & celts, which is what people are asking.
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