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  1. Another suggestion: Neutral. it doesn't allude to greek mythology and pretty much translatable into any language
  2. You're right. I underestimated how slow horse archers are in 0 AD, as I was thinking of the mangudai in AoE2 when I wrote that. But I'm still against the accuracy debuff, simply because it's annoying and I don't like RNG. I don't understand what you mean by this, though:
  3. I'd rather have reduced attack than reduced accuracy. Having your shots miss is just annoying in all kinds of games. I personally dislike RNGs in my games. Also, that attack speed nerf seems unnecessary. Ultimately it's the first shot of a massed horse archers that matters. You're not planning to use them against buildings/siege, right?
  4. @Yekaterina, can you show us a video of 5 of these guys fighting against say 10 foot archers? Are they really that OP?
  5. I was thinking of the one in the thread @Freagarach mentioned, but instead of the whole person, it's just the upper body that rotates. Functionally, though, your solution would do the job as well, I think. What about giving them shorter range than the regular archer? In other RTS these kinds of units are only good for dancing and kiting. If you give take away the range then they can't kite. (can still dance tho) Total war's counter works because of the unit size. 160 foot archers vs 60 horse archers at max. I disagree. They're horse archers not dragoons. If a player uses them to shoot while stationary, then they're playing it wrong. And watching their horse archers get rekt by foot archers should teach them. Should be as simple as that.
  6. I did. I think the han chinese is quite ready for release, but the scythians still need some works, im talking purely about the art of course It's not that I hate this feature, it's just that unless I micromanage everything, my soldiers often try to capture a building alone and end up getting shot by towers, or just waste their time because the capture point won't go down. at least with default attack behavior they help reduce the building's HP. it doesn't help either that they can't prioritize which buildings to capture first. like I don't need the houses or their farmsteads I need the barracks
  7. Instead of the horse that rotates it's the guy riding the horse, so archer cavs behave more realistically also allows for parthian shot and run n gun gameplay a la horse archers in total war (which could be annoying and/or OP).
  8. - Balancing (obviously) - Projectile trails for ranged units - Make corrals more useful, or have maps where you can't build farms - Sound & particle effects for healers - Han Chinese & Scythians - Asset rework for the older civs; Persians, Iberians, Carthage (the Greeks still look fine) - Legionaries for Rome (I mean they're already in Atlas) - Option to set default unit behavior to attack buildings instead of capturing them - Turret mechanic for ranged cavalry units - Torches for night maps (in its initial implementation they could just be night variation of buildings)
  9. I think they can be represented in game by being glass cannon cav. Hard hitting yet very squishy, only to be used whenever the enemy units are engaging other (infantry) units. Very micro intensive, as they should be. Also another way to further differentiate the civs. Would that work? I think that would simulate hammer and anvil quite well, on paper at least.
  10. What image should be used for the occupy turret cursor? Would onager be representative of the turret mechanic?
  11. I don't know if there's a mod for this (I'd use it too). That image's just something I made in paint.net to showcase what it could look like.
  12. There are night maps in the game and I mostly play them instead of the regular day maps. They're in scenarios but I wish there were more of them. Perfect if you're playing as the celts. Also, can we have torch props and bloom effect for fire?
  13. Battalions make it less painful to micro, and with that system in place there is possibility for active abilities and to highlight importance of units. In RTS like 0 AD and AoE 1 skirmisher feels worthless, especially when the typical pop cap is around 300 (or more). Losing a unit feels painful in Warcraft 3, even more so in Total War. Also, in say a 50 v 50 archers engagement players focus attack killing 1 by 1. That is not historically accurate. I'm not advocating battalions to replace individual units, but getting back to the topic at hand, if the forge mechanics were to be expanded upon, especially referring to the idea of armaments as resources, then something else has to be simplified. You can't have a game where you micromanage everything.
  14. Worst building is definitely the corral
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