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Found 23 results

  1. Post any current unfixed bugs/to do's pertaining since Millennium A.D 1.1.0 here (will be edited frequently). Models: Umayyad faction is incomplete, using Seleucid placeholders Norse wonder missing (Suggest the Rök runestone?) Byzantine Trebuchet is an anachronistic counterweight, replace it with traction Byzantine healer should be an Orthodox clergyman, not wearing Latin robes Animations: Frankish trebuchet attack animation, engineers not animated Frankish smithy has blacksmith tunic issues: Failed to set idle animation in model "art/meshes/skeletal/new/m_tunic_sh
  2. I enabled a three mods and played. The mods: 0 A.D., Millennium A.D. and the formation fighting mod. I saved the game. Then I restarted the game and tried to load my saved game. The filter did not show me my saved game. I had the option to disable the filter. Selected my game and got a warning, saying that my mod selection is incompatible. The only difference the first and second time was the order in which I selected and activated the mods. The first time: 0 A.D., Millennium A.D. and the formation fighting mod. The second time: 0 A.D., the formation fighting mod and Millennium A.D. As you can
  3. Hiya, I took a short break from the game for holiday and real life, you know how it is... but when I got back I got this error with the atlas map editor I don't know what SIGABRT is in any detail although I think Pyrogenesis is just the name used for the map editor in the code? please correct me if I'm wrong. either way, I have no clue whats causing it although I would appreciate any help and can give you any info you need. Im running it on linux , fedora installed through the software app . the error message details that I get are in the attatchments, if you need any i
  4. I just installed 0ad 23 Ken Wood, I don't know what happened but i am getting a warning and an error at the start of a game, when it finished loading my graphics are all kind of weird, sometimes very blocky, other times no shadows and sometimes black buildings and no shadows... I have a picture of the error and how the graphics look attached resume of pc Specs: i5 6500 16 Gb ddr4 ram 980ti GPU
  5. Please use this thread to report any issues with the new unit meshes and animations commited recently. It was a big commit so it may have some stuff that needs fixing.
  6. I don't know if the generation of resources inside resources or buildings (generally Iberian walls) are a map script problem, or a general one. I know you're aware, but in case that the problems are map specific, here you have one. The problems is that in my CC (black), I had berries inside stones. berries inside stone.7z
  7. In the description of the sandbox mode (in the Russian version, at least) it was said that the bot does not expand the territory. But in my game, I think he built city centers.
  8. A22 on win10. Samsung RC530 pc. Select the civic center (or another building where you can train units). Try to batch train units: it works. Press Fn+down arrow key: now the bath training doesn't work anymore. Press Fn+ left arrow key: it train 1 unit. Press Fn+up arrow key: sometimes, the civ center menu close, and if you click again on it the game minimize, but when you reopen it the bath training works again. Then there are some random variation: for example the batch stop working with Fn+up but works again after Fn+down, or it doesn't restart working anymore, etc.. Additiona
  9. with Persians aren't show correctly, i don't know if is because is in spanish.
  10. Command: make -j3 SVN: 15191 OS: RfRemix 20 Kernel: Linux 3.12.9-300.fc20.i686+PAE i686 GCC: 4.8.2 20131212 GPU info 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device d613 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 43 Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) Memory at c0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) I/O ports at f140 Expansion ROM at <unassigned> [disabled] Capabilities: [90] MSI: Enable+ Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit- Capab
  11. i setup a 0AD game but the boar is bad! says missing animations, on 0AD Editor i only gat "cofee alucinations" a random cofee pieces repeated error with extreme speed this is the log ERROR: Model art/meshes/skeletal/boar is boned with unboned animationERROR: Model art/meshes/skeletal/boar is boned with unboned animation
  12. If you press the idle worker command, this warning is showed. WARNING: IGUIObject: setting sprite_pressed was not found on an objectERROR: JavaScript error: gui/session/session.js line 977 Error: Invalid GUIObject property 'sprite_pressed' @gui/session/session.js:977 minimapButtonAction("idle","pressed")@gui/session/session.js:977 __eventhandler153 (press)([object Object])@__internal(123) press:0WARNING: IGUIObject: setting sprite_pressed was not found on an objectERROR: JavaScript error: gui/session/session.js line 977 Error: Invalid GUIObject property 'sprite_pressed' @gui/session/session
  13. newcivs

    Ai is dead

    i setup a match i'm using 0AD SVN 14574 and the AI Don't work, i only setup a game and hi bug from begining this is the result
  14. io lauch a gemplay "carthage "me" vs britons "aegis easy" i launch an army of elephants and numidian calvary y defeat the britons "only had a CC" britons are in bankruptcy "i give a small tribute of 50 food for train a women" and Aegis don't trains the "give women" and gets a bug reference to undefined property gameState.getEntityLimits().DefenseTowerWARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/aegis/headquarters.js line 835reference to undefined property gameState.getEntityLimits().DefenseTowerWARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/aegis/headquarters.js line 835reference to undefined proper
  15. i on 0ad same map: * Persian Hignlands giant, pop unlimited, resources 3000, cart vs brit i use planes and get a lag and fail this is bug code
  16. i try to build iberian wonder, but i get an inesperated result: i build stonehenge
  17. when i play with pre-marian romans "the romans of 0AD" and i try tu put the testudo for hastatus, extraordinarius and princeps the "testudo" apeears a normal formations, shiels srinking aside the soldiers but the "celling" don't appears, that means that if i attack with calvary javelinist or with elephants or infantry ranged i can find good points for attack a roman testudo
  18. i setup a match "the bug happens with any civ": * Size Giant * Reaveal map: yes * map persian hignlands * pop cap: unlimited * victory: conquest * resource: very high * number players: 2 AI: Aegis Medium and Aegis Easy lock teams: no here the map delays 9 minutes to render, but if i change: * Reaveal map: yes for * Reaveal map: no and after use the cheat jame jam for reveal map the map is playable
  19. the shark swims good, but has a huge bug, the Attack melee animation don't exists i have a suggestion for this animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8C09BmCA94
  20. i play a game on 0AD "with SVN version" compilated at i/12/2013 but have a huge bug! i play the game, all goes good!, but when i try to save the game the bug appears! explanation: save the game but when i play the "saved game", the bug attacks
  21. i install the 0AD SVN! of today, but i have some bugs, Qbot only builds houses the bug is stronger on Ptolomeis and Seleucids "i put on very hardm but i only get more enemy houses
  22. I create a mod "simply a copy&paste of celtic structures of a "germanic faction", for humans is good!!, buildings "celtic tavern as barracks" "celtic barracks as fortress" but the AI can't understand the fancion! explantion: the AI trains units and soldiers, but when is the time of create structures and a huge army, can't do it! he link of the mod is: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/101275290/tribusgermanasmod.zip
  23. I'm using Rfremix 19 "Aka, Fedora 19", and i install 0ad, of the rfremix's repos "alpha 14 Naukratis" and i hace a trouble very curious!, if during the game's load i change the window, for example put Blender LibreOffice, GIMp or even Gedit or command-line, and after put the 0AD's Window the keyboard is unuseful, bebaucse i can't: * Move the map using keyboar, i need use mouse's button * Use Shift key for train 5X more units * If i put the arrow's mouse near to the border of the 0AD windows the map moves! i try to record the log on a command-line session, but the log looks perfect!, but wgen i
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