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Found 2 results

  1. Post any current unfixed bugs/to do's pertaining since Millennium A.D 1.1.0 here (will be edited frequently). Models: Umayyad faction is incomplete, using Seleucid placeholders Norse wonder missing (Suggest the Rök runestone?) Byzantine Trebuchet is an anachronistic counterweight, replace it with traction Byzantine healer should be an Orthodox clergyman, not wearing Latin robes Animations: Frankish trebuchet attack animation, engineers not animated Frankish smithy has blacksmith tunic issues: Failed to set idle animation in model "art/meshes/skeletal/new/m_tunic_short.dae" Same for m_tunic_long.dae for some Frankish actors. Head coverings (Umayyad), cloaks, and coifs (both from all other new factions) do not align with skeleton Others: Hagia Sophia has specific name in pure Greek script, like the Yoddha in Delenda Est which has the Devanagari equivalent after "Yoddha" Frankish waterwheel is called a "Dock" The menu uses the usual 0 A.D. Roman/Seleucid/Spartan screens alongside the the usual one made for the mod by @Alexandermb: Solved: (Post solved issues for next release)
  2. Created with Heightmaps. Next thing i should try to use is the rmgen librarys, the tedious work of painting terrain is hell. Night view Despite the size of the map (Small), it's not playable (Lag), but it should be if i remove 90% of the rocks on the map. Enjoy the view! Btw, @wackyserious those roads are great! You should consider on making corners(Square/Rounded). @Alexandermb I urge to commit your models.
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