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  1. yea maybe, but i also realize when a bit further into gameplay i start getting 30 fps mostly because of all the units which is a bit annoying, but that could also be my CPU since it isnt that great.
  2. But i got to say the last few updates have really improved the game, i have not played for more then a year and the game feels so much smoother and looks a lot more finished Keep up the good work!
  3. I am not using a 4k monitor, i use an ultrawide 2560x1080, the rest of my setting are maxed
  4. That's weird since i have a high-end GPU, it has 6gb ddr5 vram. But yes i have the game set at very high shadows, i just turned it down to high and the graphics where back to normal, did not expect that to have such an impact, it warns when using GPUs with low memory but i would not categorize mine as a low memory card But it works right now, thanks!
  5. I just installed 0ad 23 Ken Wood, I don't know what happened but i am getting a warning and an error at the start of a game, when it finished loading my graphics are all kind of weird, sometimes very blocky, other times no shadows and sometimes black buildings and no shadows... I have a picture of the error and how the graphics look attached resume of pc Specs: i5 6500 16 Gb ddr4 ram 980ti GPU
  6. Ah ok, so you know a lot more about them then i do :) One more thing, what size is the map? i was wondering if a little bigger would be possible to make the naval combat a bit better. Since the space between te end of the fjords and the edge of the map is pretty limited. Also some shores dont look smooth? the fiew shores you can see in the front of the picture are a bit rough, mabye try to smooth them a bit? Again it has been long since i made a map myself so i dont know everything very well anymore. Definitly want to try this map out if i download the new version of 0AD again
  7. Looks good! Just a fiew tips that i would like to see: Not shure if its ment to be a realistic map or not, but your could make the starting area's a bit higher above sea level with cliffs on each side, or just drop the sea level. And make the end of the fjord lower for harbours. see the pictures i send with this reply Also a bit more green could look nice! since a lot of fjords in real life are full of trees and bushes Second, the trees, i am not shure if 0ad has pine trees (have not played for a while) but i am pretty shure it has, you should use more pine tree's instead of the european ones. (if they are pine trees and i am just blind ignore this xD) and mabye place a bit more tree's in a more random path. try to use google earth or just pictures to recreate a fjord. the concept is good! i think there are not a whole lot of maps like this :)
  8. I totally agree with this, some maps need to be reworked.
  9. i still think war ships could be reworked. they are quite buggy and the naval combat is really really boring. there is just 1 arrow being shot by an invisible guys from the front of the boat. it could be way more interesting to see garrisoned units on the boat shooting.
  10. isn't it because low graphics settings? i had almost the same view when on low settings
  11. you should look for some modders on other forum posts.
  12. It says not enough memory in the crash log, do you have enough hard drive space left? or did let the game install on a smaller drive (usb, ex. harddisk)? have you tried to download the game again? because your on an old computer, is one of your components getting overloaded? (GPU/RAM)?
  13. There are already some mods out from 0ad, you should ask a developer about these. i dont really know what mods are out atm.
  14. you could use some different textures that make the snow fade into grass, there are quite a lot of these available, good luck on this map!
  15. aoe 3 was less addicting because it was plain gameplay.. build a windmill and you have infinite food, villagers don't have to walk to take resources to your base... it was just the same ritual every game over and over again, the maps where good but did not change the strategy. it was a fun game to play, when i was round 8 years old i first got the game and i still play at right now 8 years later. i had many home city's to level 50+ and ect... now it is starting to feel lame.... just get infinite supply's and build as much units as you can.. thats all... i never played the story mode complety tho.... the disk was damaged from the start on and it keeps crashing the game after a fiew missions. now i got the game working on my new pc, but the story mode doesn't feel as nice as it was 8 years back. its a shame that the game developers try to eliminate this problems into aoe 4. they made a free to play mmo
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