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Found 5 results

  1. Well, I hadn't play the game a lot since the last 2 alphas, but I wanted to ask if somebody uses sword and spear cavalry (not champions). IRC, They die very easily to ranged (specially when massed), so it doesn't make really sense to train them. Buff them should also make spear and pike units more useful. Any thoughts ?
  2. Even a guy like me the release of AOE 3 don't be good. But after a decade the game have a good feeling now, even is most play by fans than AOE I. I found several topics in other community, I'm very interested in the developemnt of this, because they make errors, that 0AD don't be make. Here is an interview about the hard was develop this game. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-02-14-age-of-empires-iii-a-huge-mistake
  3. In my view of bring closer "civilizations" and "barbarians tribes" and fighting ethnocentrism, I would like to open a discussion trying to break stereotypes. Not only for making justice and a game a little more historical accurate, but also cause I think (at least in design documents) that grecoroman civs gets a lot of mechanics and some civs like celts are like "spam a lot of warriors and go ahead". It's true that we have a lot of information regarding the "civilized" armies, and having standing armies means a lot of effort trying to get diverse estrategies and that imply different kinds of soldiers, equipment, tactics and movement, and also a lot of information about the "barbarian civs" come from roman and greek people, depicting that cultures likes less or more savages. Regarding gameplay, for example, we have hoplites phalanx. Instead of making an unique feature for Greeks (with Pike wall for succesors and Testudo for Romans) most civs could use shield walls with spearman, and then make a bonus for the hellenic cultures. Cause a phalanx is a shield wall. The point would be having civs like celts with normal stuff against civs that can train artillery, mercenaries (if the concept is well developped), specials formations... Of course it's fun playing with stereotypes, with different civ playstyles (the low on numbers but good, the zerg, etc..), but let's try to break some of them! My intention is trying to stick to the gameplay and design applications of the discussion. Maybe it would be nice a history subforum!
  4. Hey there everyone! I originally came to this forum with the idea of translating the game into Russian (which I know well) and Greek (which I know okay); but coming here I discovered that 98% of the Russian and I'm still working on the Greek. I've requested Pirate English to be added too because I have a lot of free time. I still took a look around and made a dozen or so translations and am working on finding reliable sources for translations of Plato quotes, etc. for Modern Greek; but for the most part I must fade out of that. I'm hoping also to do a bit of voice acting, but it looks like that will also probably fall through. Therefore I've decided to resort to the last possible thing I can think of, which is cleaning up the wiki in terms of grammar (I know, it's wierd that people like me actually enjoy that; but yeah...) and working on some sort of documentation. Having been trying to grasp this game myself (I can win on easy all the time, but only with a fast rush at the AI. I sometimes can win further in - town/city phases - as well, but I am in no way a good player). Ah well, I suppose I shouldn't expect too much out of a few days, though I generally get used to strategy games quicker... props to the devs on that. Anyway, I was looking at this thread when I realized there was no (easily accessible) guide to the game. I found that the wiki had a lot of information and that this explained the basics, but no where in any of that was strategy. I understand that only experience in the game can truly make a player good, but a full guide (explanations of mechanics, instructions on UI usage, strategies for different player skill levels, lots of bad puns - but only punny ones, etc.) would be helpful to new players and maybe even provide means to rope in some. In a worst case scenario you could at least print them out and sell them on an e-store to generate some revenue from the playerbase here. Therefore (and without further ado, I seem to be monologuing here and really need sleep) I would like to announce my intention of writing a strategy guide for this game if any of you oldtimers are interested in sharing strategies or pro tips. If you are, please message me; I'll be trying to figure out math for game mechanics from the code to explain it. As soon as I'm done with that the typing will begin and I will start asking those who claimed to be interested about n00b/interediate/pro strategies they have. Feel free to leave any ideas below! Cheers, ChristonianCoder
  5. I wanted to suggest a name for the Alpha 17 development. Since the next letter in the alphabet after P for Patanjali is Q, I figured that Quintilian would be a suitable name. Marcus Fabius Quintilianus: Birth: 35 AD Death: 100 AD He was a Roman who excelled in rhetoric and advocated moral ideals. He is most well known for opening a school of oratory and rhetoric as well as his famous written work,"institutio oratoria." You can find out more here- http://www.academia.edu/2778644/The_Life_and_Times_of_Quintilian (Not exactly in the time frame of 500 BC to 1 BC, but he was a roman so I figured I would post anyway.)
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