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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, It's my turn to provide some tips for new players on how to become powerful in the game. I hope you've already read "From Nub to OP" and @Mentula's advices, which are both awesome guides to reach level 1400 and more. I'm not the most powerful player, but I'm proud of where I am today, considering that less than just a year ago, I was begging OP players to let me play with them in TG. The tips I'm about to share are my personal strategies, but remember that you don't have to follow them strictly since every game is different, opponents react differently, and resources are always varied. Also, feel free to share your own tips in the comments. I only use two mods, Autociv and Quick Start, although I don't always use everything that Quick Start offers. Here are my tips, listed in no particular order: Aim for 10 fields to produce food, which requires 50 women. If you plan to create cavalry or elephants, make at least 12 fields (Hans recommends 17 to 20 fields). Produce 65 women until P2. You may kill 15 of them at 200 population to replace them with 15 soldiers who will harvest wood more quickly. Rushes usually do this for me. Research eco tech before advancing to the next phase. Every minute spent gathering resources without eco tech is a waste of resources. Going to P2 at min 10 is okay. Build your first barracks around min 3. Aim for 3 barracks until P3. Once you have your first barracks, train units 2 by 2 using autoqueue. Do the same at each barracks and at your CC once you reach 65 women. When I'm not too busy, I stop using autoqueue around P2 and train units in batches as much as possible. Whenever you see an incredible move in a game, like someone booming rapidly, watch the replay and focus on that player's moves. Have a plan. Look at the resources around you, your closest enemies, whether they rush or boom, and who your pocket is or whose pocket you are. Then, decide on your strategy, whether it's booming, turtling, rushing, going on champs, elephants, etc. For non-slinger civs, send the first 5 women to berries and the rest to wood until you have 20 workers on wood. By that time, you should have a barracks producing units 2 by 2 on wood. A minimum of 50 workers on wood is necessary to advance to P2 (non-slinger eco). When you begin P2, you'll need a lot of wood to build P2 buildings (I usually build 3 forges), fields, and eco research. Don't worry if you're floating a bit in wood at the end of P1. Also, don't hesitate to use women to gather wood to have extra wood you'll need if you want to go through P2 as quickly as possible. I often select 25 women on fields and send them to gather 10-15 trees (using the "do that order first" hotkey) so that when they're done, they'll return to the field without worrying about it. Master using hotkeys such as giving orders to one person in a selected group, doing an order before or after another. I have all those commands in shift, <, and alt. For example, if you want your women to spread evenly on berries after building a farmstead, select four women, make them build the farmstead, then press shift + alt and click on each berry bush one after the Use three women to build houses, and try to spread them evenly on the construction of each house. This method is faster than having the same three women build three houses one by one. I hope these tips are helpful. See you in TG! Vrayer
  2. There are few problem that I want to discuss:- 1. We knew that Darius, Alexander or Romans all were successful because of their superior infantry. But, in 0ad gameplay we can constantly observe that skirmishers and slingers are the determining force rather than infantry. If someone make 30 skirmishers and employs them to kill 30 spearmen or swordsmen then he/she will loss only a few troops whereas the infantry side may lose all of his/her troops. But in reality it won't happens. I think the main problem of ranged unit lies in the idea of unlimited ammunition. A skirmishers can throw javelins constantly. But he needs to refill his supply after sometimes. But it won't happens. Maybe a 3 seconds gap would be sufficient for refilling. I think it can be solved by limiting the number of projectiles for skirmishers, slingers and archers according to their damage. 2. Secondly, a pikeman and skirmishers working speed is same but not their walking speeds which has a large impact on economy. We know that pikemen are slow unit in warfare but when it comes to working he is equally capable of working as fast as a skirmisher. So, I would prefer a common walking speed during doing some job for both of them. Maybe there would be some arming time(i.e. 2-3 seconds). During that time he would have a reduced armour, health and attack. As we know no one carries weapon during working. 3. Thirdly it was widely discussed topic, whether ram needs man power to move or not. I think it needs. Maybe a ram should costs 2 population. But it needs additional 3 men to move it on. On the other hand elephant have a crush damage but it won't applicable for fortress. But a herd of elephants can destroy it. So, I think a elephant would cost 5 population and it have a health of 750. But on the other hand a ram should be only a siege rather attacking units and can be captured. That's all.
  3. In 2010-2012 I played Age Of Mythology on an out-dated machine and I managed to get good at playing the different factions. I am familiar with RTS but I suck at 0 AD. I installed the game (not from source this time) and I managed to advance into the 2nd age, then I was gathering resources and building more stuff when I was attacked, which stalled my progress to the point that I decided to quit. What is the best way to defend? Should I prioritise the blacksmith upgrades, guard towers or should I build a specific mixture of infantry? Different games have different rules. In Command & Conquer 3 buildings cost a lot of money, so it pays to only build one war factory. 8-bit Armies is different, because each additional motorpool (war factory) gives you a 1x bonus, so you can stack the bonus and get 4x unit production. 8-bit Armies relies on unit spam. CnC 3 relies on slow base expansion and units are strongly biased: being anti-infantry or anti-tank ... you cannot mob enemy units because of the strict balance, unit spam is awful in CnC 3 and doesn't work very well. I'm not sure where I'd rank 0 AD on these things.
  4. This game is really cool, after recently beating both campaigns on hard I feel that I've finally mastered it. Back in the 1990s I was a child so I couldn't follow basic orders in this game. BattleZone is known as an RTS-FPS hybrid, in the game you can build a communication tower and then access a satellite, which allows you to command your units in RTS style. Usually you fly around shooting things with creative weapons! I personally liked BattleZone 2 a lot more but I haven't played it since 2002-2003. Watch some BZ2 below https://youtu.be/D5EglQGdXNc?t=21s It's a funny game because you can never play it like an actual RTS - enemy ships race into your base and the player must do much of the fighting himself, sometimes your ship is destroyed and you bail out. When on foot you have a jetpack (only in BZ2) so there is a survival element to BattleZone. It's good to retreat sometimes - getting stuck in enemy territory is high risk! BattleZone 2 impresses me the most because of the lighting effects and the different planets: Mire (a swamp planet with hostile raptor-like creatures), Bane (an ice planet with large animals that can attack vehicles, also there is ice that your tracked vehicles can fall through), then there's Rend (a planet full of volcanoes and lava, with minimal vegetation) and there is also The Dark Planet which has flashing blue crystals and an apparently synthetic surface, and finally there is a planet called Core which is an artificial planet that is home to the Scions (a race of people with spiritual/socialist views who are derived from humans). The characters and alien worlds were better in BZ2, BZ1 features only planets in our galaxy. You'll see in the video that while on foot, the player can snipe enemy pilots from their hovertanks, but you cannot snipe tracked vehicles. The rules on sniping turrets vary based on difficulty, and in BZ1 I think you can only snipe a turret when it's undeployed. Cool stuff! I wish they'd remake BattleZone 2 but that's a pipe dream. Rebellion Studios said they wouldn't do it.
  5. Somall faction can have this units, are possible some Civs superior to other? is reliably? Like AOK using skirmisher or using spearman vs metal cost units. quantity vs quality?
  6. Hey guys just wondering what you all think on the new changes. What do you think has become stronger, what is weaker, and what is viable. Personally, even though I haven't played too much of a21, from what I could tell champs have been heavily nerfed (rightly so) when it comes to destroying buildings, which indirectly buffs rams and crush units such as the Mauryan Yoddhas and the Iberian Champion Cavalry Skirmisher. However I don't think either of the civs are OP since they lack in other areas. The good old Skiritai commando rush pretty much got an overall buff, and Spartans also got another buff which is the ability to get champions at phase 2, granted they are very expensive but it can be worth the rush. So Spartans seem to be in a very good position imo. Civs like Macedonians, Britons, Iberians and Mauryans will continue to have good late game since they still have strong champs and battering rams, however they wont be as strong as people will most likely start using rush tactics with citizen soldiers and 2nd phase champions. This is just my personal opinions, what are your guys thoughts?
  7. Hi all, I reporte this at ticket system and I've been suggested to post it here for community discussion, which is great and I hope it can give more ideas to devs. With the new capture engine I think it would be nice to redefine damage to buildings from units which are not designed for sieges (all except, siege weapons - rams, catapults, etc. -, Romans italic heavy infantry and Iberians Leial Zanduneira AFAIK). This would have some direct consequences: Civs picks will have direct consequences when/if a siege situation come into the game Tactical decisions about how to manage armies, depending on situations or objectives (no more champions nukes zerging, for example), both for defenders and attackers Early game is relevant again There are some ideas: Normal buildings: 30% percent of melee damage and 25% from ranged units Defensive buildings and Walls: 5% percent of melee damage and 2% from ranged units Of course, this damage modifications won't apply to any unit designed for sieges. In my humble opinion, this would lead to a drastic change of what we have seen until now and will probably needs further modifications of other siege/game related parameters like: formations to protect siege units, specialization of some siege units as suggested in #2038 and much more. I will try to keep the post as updated I can, so it can be a point of reference to anyone to start the discussion. Have a nice day!
  8. Hey there everyone! I originally came to this forum with the idea of translating the game into Russian (which I know well) and Greek (which I know okay); but coming here I discovered that 98% of the Russian and I'm still working on the Greek. I've requested Pirate English to be added too because I have a lot of free time. I still took a look around and made a dozen or so translations and am working on finding reliable sources for translations of Plato quotes, etc. for Modern Greek; but for the most part I must fade out of that. I'm hoping also to do a bit of voice acting, but it looks like that will also probably fall through. Therefore I've decided to resort to the last possible thing I can think of, which is cleaning up the wiki in terms of grammar (I know, it's wierd that people like me actually enjoy that; but yeah...) and working on some sort of documentation. Having been trying to grasp this game myself (I can win on easy all the time, but only with a fast rush at the AI. I sometimes can win further in - town/city phases - as well, but I am in no way a good player). Ah well, I suppose I shouldn't expect too much out of a few days, though I generally get used to strategy games quicker... props to the devs on that. Anyway, I was looking at this thread when I realized there was no (easily accessible) guide to the game. I found that the wiki had a lot of information and that this explained the basics, but no where in any of that was strategy. I understand that only experience in the game can truly make a player good, but a full guide (explanations of mechanics, instructions on UI usage, strategies for different player skill levels, lots of bad puns - but only punny ones, etc.) would be helpful to new players and maybe even provide means to rope in some. In a worst case scenario you could at least print them out and sell them on an e-store to generate some revenue from the playerbase here. Therefore (and without further ado, I seem to be monologuing here and really need sleep) I would like to announce my intention of writing a strategy guide for this game if any of you oldtimers are interested in sharing strategies or pro tips. If you are, please message me; I'll be trying to figure out math for game mechanics from the code to explain it. As soon as I'm done with that the typing will begin and I will start asking those who claimed to be interested about n00b/interediate/pro strategies they have. Feel free to leave any ideas below! Cheers, ChristonianCoder
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