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  1. Hi I installed this mod via "mods selection", it change a lot of thing in the lobby etc, but specific sub menu option for godeye are missing from the "option" main menu. I'm having a message error as if my "option.json" doesn't exist I went to my mod file and it is there inside a ziped filed. It's like if the pathway to find the file is wrong anyhow?. Unfortunately i can't make screenshot while i'm in the lobby, it freeze my computer. Anyway it seems that those options are still available from other sub menu..... Also lot of things seems to not work : -going strait to the lobby, -seeing techs from resume - auto giving resources to ally ... even if i clicked on those options and they'r still clicked after quitting and rejoining the game. Thank for what you've done so far!
  2. Dear @user1 I'm Vrayer on the lobby an wiegehts quit without resigning what an offence! Thank you commands.txt
  3. commands.txtI did 7 : 58 Not so proud of me, but i deserve my name in top 10 Fun idea ty
  4. commands.txti made 7:14 BUT Only with women I didn't see this rule!
  5. What about units after using the same pass for a few time creates tracks automatically? That could create à bonus for gathering after a few time using same way. Also when scouting the opponent, we could discover those tracks and guess if he was hunting there, or if he moved his troops to that direction .... that could help us finding cc and other buildings! insane!
  6. 303UFO303 quit without resigning I'm still vrayer on the lobby Thanks @user1 commands.txt I did filtered it was a ranked one, i'll get the last version
  7. Hi not sure ranging_botanist quit without resigning, but i had no points at the end of this game! i'm almost sure it was an ranked one.... I'm Vrayer on the lobby by the way Thanks @user1 commands.txt
  8. Hi i'm Vrayer on the lobby Pangea quit without resigning... commands.txt Thanks @user1
  9. Hi all, I might have not look everywhere, but i couldn't find any simple comparative table with every civilization on it. The idea would be to have in one look the idea of what civ is best for? (gathering- building, armor etc....) Does this file exist? Am-I stupid? Thanks for your answers. Vrayer
  10. Hi i'm Vrayer on the loby, bxzsthms quit without resigning.... Then he realized it and we made a quick game that way he could give me some points back but i don't think that worked.... (2nd file) Anyway i don't think that was unfair on purpose from him What's the best way to have our points back if the guy realize he wasn't fair, and without bothering @user1? @user1 Thanks for everything commands.txt commands.txt
  11. Hi i'm Vrayer on the loby, Maharabal quit without resigning.... @user1 Thanks for everything commands.txt
  12. Hi i'm Vrayer on the loby, Ali70 quit without resigning A SECOND TIME after few games where he resign normaly... .... @user1 Cheers commands.txt
  13. Hi i'm Vrayer on the loby, Ali70 quit without resigning.... He seems to be a new player so i tried to explain to him but he wasn't giving a @#$%! @user1 Cheers commands.txt
  14. Hi i'm Vrayer on the loby, Pr0siak quit without resigning.... @user1 Cheers commands.txt
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