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  1. Thanks for sharing your pov on this topic @JC (naval supremacist) I've created a separate thread sharing my ideas.
  2. From personal experience with A23 and reading all the forum posts I can, I'd like to summarize my own suggestions/features that could be of interest for the next release. I'd try to be as synthetic as possible, but of course we can develop this ideas further if there is interest/discussion. Siege engines Battering rams. Actually I find even sword cavs to have problems while chasing a retreating rams, lets not even talk about walking soldiers Should have a lower base speed. Garrison units inside rams should increase the speed and even damage a bit Pykes and spear s
  3. I remember seeing a player called JC, but I never see him again on my gaming sessions. That's still 1 player playing one "off-the-meta" civs, and I doubt he use them on 1v1.
  4. Sorry if I explained myself wrong, but I didn't say slingers wins games alone. Whenever I loose, it's either my fault or the opponent is better than me, period. I am just saying there's a dominant choice: civs with slingers. Either to thrive stronger economies or directly smash the opponent. How many non-casual players have you ever seen in lobby playing Spartans, Macedonians or Persians? Hell, Kushites looks awesome and on paper they should be THE counter to slingers/rams civs (swordsmans and sword cav), but I hardly see someone playing them. My point is pretty simple, Rome conquer
  5. I've been playing this days after a long break and I think I understand what OP is talking about. Basically, there's a dominant choice with civs as far I have played this week: civs with slingers. After that, there's no real strategy other than spam the most slingers you can, put something in front of them (will depend on the selected civ) and smash at least the first line of defense of your opponent. Ever heard on history class about a slinger only army ripping apart soldiers, civilians, siege engines and structures themselves? Well, that's the trend actually of almost every single
  6. Welcome to any multiplayer videogame reality
  7. As humble (and n00b) player, cavalry shouldn't take 2 population slots instead of 1? I am not complaining for the current 'meta' (that could always change) it's just I feel it should reflect the fact there are both soldiers and horses to feed. If I am not wrong, elephants already take 3 population slots but cavalry it's still taking 1. I think it should be taken into consideration for either this - great - mod or the game itself.
  8. I had this problem too, but I am using an unattended Win10. Will post the stuff if it happens again
  9. @JuKu96 you can see the dedicated server feature being developed on trac.
  10. @bb_ assuming "DADE’S + BB + BONUS TRACK - MATCH SETUP" is the best candidate: TOOLTIPS For tooltips I already mentioned we could create ones with equal or similar behavior to Bootstrap Framework (DEMO LINK). This requires some dependencies, but there are others options as Tippy or TTips for example. I am wrong assuming we can 'easily' integrate other JavaScripts into the game? (in case current Tooltips coded can't do that by setting a new style) SCREEN SIZE On first place, I considered 1366x768 resolutions as the lowest taking into account STEAM Survey. On the other hand, WildFir
  11. @bb_ first of all thx for pointing me in the right direction yesterday on IRC. IMO a mix between your latest 2 screenshots could be the best solution. I believe map settings should be easier and quick to access, it's probably what many players will usually use the most. This, mixed with the rest of buttons (duplicates on the window, but it would save time) below the maps settings should make it. The main problem with this is space, getting rid of map title, "More Options" button and lowering height (when no erradicate) the text-box below, will give all space and more. Another option could
  12. Hi all, having the opportunity to play A22 after so much time really delighted me and by all means I wish to try help the project form my little knowledge. So here I am! It's something I have been thinking a lot on other releases but my extreme laziness prevent me to try out (well I have to confess I played on A20 trying to make an alternative ingame UI, but I lost those files ). CONCEPT I always felt the "More Options" button was ok to admin the room, but the info inside it should be much more visible to all players without the need of any "More Options" button. Why not bring t
  13. I don't have such a problems, but maybe the experience differs from a connection to another. Whenever we get the numbers of League or WoW we should do that for sure if we don't want to get crazy on lobby hah Will be the same, but on the other hands I think devs are working on a standalone dedicated server executable Won't this solution add bandwidth usage? Clients still need to be synchronized in order to play the game properly (I am not an RTS expert though)
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