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  1. Admin of DDoS service behind 200,000 attacks faces 35yrs in prison! I really hope this is our man, but I guess not. Still good to see how serious this is taken and that people get faced with their actions. 35 years in prison is a serious reaction.
  2. Thanks for the answer @Langbart. I see your point about layout flip. It is just so unfamiliar. Could you atleast make it an option? I will check out new version now to see if the blues are better. Thanks a lot for the effort.
  3. I really like this. Good work @Langbart But I have one complaint. Why is everything flipped left-right in lobby. It is a headache to use when beeing used to the original layout for years. Please flip it back. One other minor complaint is that I find it a bit hard to dicriminate the two blue colors in game. Could be just me though.
  4. Not sure if it is BoonGUI or Shiny mod that are causing trouble. It was working fine yesterday. I did notting inbetween so strangely today I got the same looking error beaviour as yesterday. I just see the background image and the white line in the start screen. And theese errors appear: https://pastebin.com/deuSGaAU Removing Shiny from folder and then disabling it removes errors.
  5. Ok, I got it working fine now it seems. Maybe there is importance of what order the mods are installed? In working order on my system: -Autociv -BoonGUI -Shiny Thanks for good work
  6. Completly broke my installation. I have tried to reinstall, uninstall and remove all asosiated folders etc. No matter what i do i just get the new background with no functional text links as should be. And there is a whole lot of errors. Also the full screen mode override even taskmanager so I have to reboot to do anything after an attempt to open 0ad. https://pastebin.com/gMQJ3Stw EDIT: Found mods in the very place they were supposed to be. I used to have a different path "My Games\0ad" on D drive. But after a recent reinstallation it is located in C drive. Shall see if I can get it working now.
  7. Yes, but there is no access to that data log in my router atleast.
  8. I get this error when I try to log into the lobby after program crashed when a game ended: Error code at pastebin here!
  9. Ideally setup a linux machine between your router and WAN to log all connections with wireshark or something with the same functionality. I cant do it as i share wan with my neighbours. Log will reveal IPs, connectiontype and a whole lot of other good info. Wireshark is pretty easy to setup and use. But you must intercept all traffic to your network outside any fiƕewall. The router in my house stops the incomming connections but they still choke the line when it happens. The router does not have tools to gain the info you get with wireshark. Use no firewall on the wireshark/logging computer that as you want to log it all. Linux is good, stable and pretty secure. But dont use a machine with any personal info or things you care about. Kali Linux is probably the best OS for the task. Best regards Woody
  10. What is the status here? I have not played for a while.
  11. I have done some network analysis with Wireshark and found some strange STUN requests on the network. STUN request has a username and all the requests has the same user. If this is conected to the disconnection issue we have I dont know. But I would like that someone with knowledge and know how to investigate this further if possible.
  12. As user1 banned my other user I had to go back to woodpecker. And I thought I might aswell try to host again. This ofc was affected by the issue we have. Before my other user bas banned I specced another game that also was disconnected. One image says service denied in lobby. Also i was not able get in contact with my router at first: 2020-11-04_0001.zip logs.zip
  13. Sad to say I gonna take a real break from this game. This has been too frustrating for too long. Seems like it is even getting worse. Gonna look at this conversation from time to time to see if things get back to normal. Best regards Woody
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