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  1. Thank you Norse_Harold, Ill check this out when I have the time for it.
  2. Yes it is during multiplayer games. Frequency varies. But some times many times during a day/night. Other times no at all. Earlier when I experienced ddos the traffic was stopped by the router and I could not see abnormal network activity on the PC. But today I could see pyrogenesis.exe occupy the whole bandwith.
  3. I have also experienced that the game freeze the my pc and force closing is impossible. it usually happens when above mentioned problem occur.
  4. some times pyrogenesis.exe use whole network bandwidth according to resource monitor in windows 11. it can be confirmed by my router that download speed is maxed out at prox 100mbps. this is very much like ddos but it is pyrogenesis that use the bandwidth not some external attack. i tried to disable a mods but behaviour is the same. must be a serious bug or exploit in the software. someone must really look into this...
  5. Great. It would be even more nice if you could set a numer of matches used to calculate ratings individually for all players. Lets say i played 10 games with a player long time ago that i did not play with lately. Id still like to see his or her rating and that we actually played. Just setting a date excludes so much valuable info about players. Ofc it helps on your own rating lately but with mentioned limitations.
  6. Would it be smart to have more weight on, lets say, the last 20 games, less weight on the 20 previous to that and games before that again very little weight? To me that makes sence as people get better, but in different tempo. What matters is how you perform lately, right?
  7. I love this Keep working on it. Would be great if Wilfiregames kept a global database of all games of all times. And that this could be a new start for a global rating system for 0ad. It will really need some disqussion and testing to find something that all will find quite fair. There are so many factors to take into concideration. I love that I can see how many games I played with each player. This should be standard in game. Another thing is that maybe there should be some weighting between TGs and 1v1s. Much the same but still very different. Some play mostly 1v1 some play mostly TGs. Bonus points for winning by points or conquest. Would be great to have one score for war skills and one rating for eco skills in the game in addition to total rating. Then one can sort by the three categories. Another interesting question is what more relevant statistics can be found in the replay files? I guess there is a plethora of different things in addition to what is seen in the summary. Keep up the good work
  8. Okay. But then it is weird that units get stuck in between threes etc the way they do....
  9. I read at some time that pathfinder is a real CPU hog in the game. I have been wondering if pathfinder use 3d data to solve paths. If so why not make a terrain dummy layer with fixed size 2d footprints for all 3d elements to solve paths. It would run so much more smooth and easy on CPU right? If units were represented in 2d as a circle and other static things (no go zones) just represented by the shape of their footprint. Trees, bushes and such should also just have a circle footprint. Steep terrain would also just have a footprint of no go zones. Like this units would not so easy get stuck and CPU cost would be very low as far as i can understand at least.
  10. Admin of DDoS service behind 200,000 attacks faces 35yrs in prison! I really hope this is our man, but I guess not. Still good to see how serious this is taken and that people get faced with their actions. 35 years in prison is a serious reaction.
  11. Thanks for the answer @Langbart. I see your point about layout flip. It is just so unfamiliar. Could you atleast make it an option? I will check out new version now to see if the blues are better. Thanks a lot for the effort.
  12. I really like this. Good work @Langbart But I have one complaint. Why is everything flipped left-right in lobby. It is a headache to use when beeing used to the original layout for years. Please flip it back. One other minor complaint is that I find it a bit hard to dicriminate the two blue colors in game. Could be just me though.
  13. Not sure if it is BoonGUI or Shiny mod that are causing trouble. It was working fine yesterday. I did notting inbetween so strangely today I got the same looking error beaviour as yesterday. I just see the background image and the white line in the start screen. And theese errors appear: https://pastebin.com/deuSGaAU Removing Shiny from folder and then disabling it removes errors.
  14. Ok, I got it working fine now it seems. Maybe there is importance of what order the mods are installed? In working order on my system: -Autociv -BoonGUI -Shiny Thanks for good work
  15. Completly broke my installation. I have tried to reinstall, uninstall and remove all asosiated folders etc. No matter what i do i just get the new background with no functional text links as should be. And there is a whole lot of errors. Also the full screen mode override even taskmanager so I have to reboot to do anything after an attempt to open 0ad. https://pastebin.com/gMQJ3Stw EDIT: Found mods in the very place they were supposed to be. I used to have a different path "My Games\0ad" on D drive. But after a recent reinstallation it is located in C drive. Shall see if I can get it working now.
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