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  1. I might take a look into this after I finish expanding the ranking system. I did a bit of OpenMPI High Performance Compute Cluster programming about a year ago and this sounds kinda interesting
  2. Hey guys, Well, me and scythetwirler are currently working on expanding the 0ad rating system (#2516). We're nearly done and all we need to do is test that the new bot works (and make changes if it doesn't work). However, when we attempt to connect to the svn lobby we're getting ssl certificate errors: [henry@henry-arch-t60 XpartaMuPP]$ python XpartaMuPP.py -m lobby.wildfiregames.com -l xparta -p 0046495665A9833BB45A227510EC4ABAF920031D3F178EE5E54A20EA76758C77 -n xparta -r arena17 2014-07-22 03:53:01 INFO Negotiating TLS2014-07-22 03:53:01 INFO Using SSL version: SSL 3201
  3. By urban I was thinking of making a map which has lost;s of buildings owned by gaia which you can't use. Sort of like a decoration. However, once the convert/capture building thing is enabled then these buildings can be made so they can be captured.
  4. Hi guys Would anyone be interested in some urban 0ad maps? If there's enough people who are interested the CGS Developer team will create some.
  5. It isn't just the error; incase you haven't noticed, when you click the trade centre, none of the trading options appear either. The trade centre behaves like it doesn't exist, when you click it it doesn't change the bottom bar to the trade centre, it stays on the previous thing you clicked.
  6. HenryJia

    Testudo Bug

    This bug doesn't just happen with Testudo and Phalanx, it happens with wedge and syntagma. If you put melee cavalry in a wedge and tell it to attack a civic or some building, then get some skirmishers to attack the melee cavalry, then this bug appears
  7. Yea, we get a lot of these messages. Most of the times, nothing happens, the game proceeds normally, but there have been 1 or 2 times when it doesn't do that and it actually goes out of sync.This was back when A16 was just released though.
  8. Hi guys, I am gathering some data for the devs to help them out with the out of sync bug. If you play a game and get the out of sync error, please zip or tar.gz together all the oos_dump.txt files of all the players in that game and upload them here so I can send them to the devs after the game. The bug is #2588 if you have any comments about it or want to contribute towards it. Thanks
  9. Actually, I worked it out myself, I fixed it by, I taking the miniupnpc-1.9.patch from the source files of the 0ad package in the arch repo and putting it in the 0ad directory. I then ran patch -p1 -i miniupnpc-1.9.patch I then changed the build commands to this cd 0adcd build/workspaces./update-workspaces.sh -j3 --with-system-enet --with-system-miniupnpccd gccmake clean -j3 CONFIG=Releasemake -j3 CONFIG=Release and it successfully compiled 0ad with no errors. I still get 2 warnings sometimes but I don't think it will be a problem Thanks for all the help anyway guys
  10. I tried doing things exactly as the build instructions said, the only difference is I get 5 less warnings but the same errors
  11. Here is the full output of Codelite when I run the rebuild commands MESSAGE: Entering directory `/home/henry/.codelite/'/bin/sh -c 'unset CPPFLAGSexport WX_CONFIG=/usr/bin/wx-config-2.8#patch -p1 -i /home/henry/C++/miniupnpc-1.9.patchset -esvn upcd /home/henry/C++/0ad/build/workspaces./clean-workspaces.sh./update-workspaces.sh -j3 \--with-system-enet \--with-system-miniupnpc \--bindir=/usr/bin \--libdir=/usr/lib/0ad \--datadir=/usr/share//datacd gccmake cleanmake -j3 CONFIG=Release'----------Building project:[ 0ad - Debug ]----------Skipped '.'Summary of conflicts: Skipped paths: 1Cleaning bu
  12. Well, I compiled it using codelite and codelite automatically adds up the number of errors and it said like 66 errors and 11175 warnings
  13. Hey guys As a 14 year old amateur programmer, I started developing for 0AD in my spare time but I just can't compile it. I am running arch linux (which should have all the dependencies installed) and the make gives me the following errors. FCollada/FCDocument/FCDLibrary.cpp: In instantiation of ‘void LibraryExport() [with T = FCDAnimation]’:FCollada/FCDocument/FCDLibrary.cpp:149:30: required from hereFCollada/FCDocument/FCDLibrary.cpp:141:11: warning: variable ‘cptr’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] const T* cptr = ((const FCDLibrary<T>*)l1)->GetEntity(0); ^FC
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