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  1. Wouldn't it be nice to have a day and night cycle. The night gives attackers an advantage, whereas the day gives the defenders an advantage. I always wondered why this was not in the original AoE3 games, given the official microsoft screenshot before release: PE nightscenario: all military units have some sort of torch. When you get attacked you will be able to see the torches, so you get an idea of the scale of the army, but the exact type of unit can only be seen when the are close to your walls/village. dayscenario: same like we all know it today I think the night will be a rather unique setting in RTS games, but I like it because it gives the game an unique atmosphere! Maybe this day-night cycle should not be default, but just an option, maybe just a mode. Please watch my other thread here (clickable) about different game modes (Rigicide, Wonders, Relics and Hardcore) and vote!
  2. @dinosoep I think a moveable unit would be better in my opinion because often people are stuck where they in the beginning of the game start. Makes it hard to attack people on the other side of the map if you play with more than 4 players.With a king/queen, you can temp move him to where your military is. I appreciate your feedback, it would be indeed better that enemies know where your king is (like a flag on a building, if he is hiding inside) Relics is one way to put it, the trainroute in age of empires 3 is almost the same, building that gives your free resources when the train arrives. I thought relics would be more dynamic than the trainsystem. Since the relics can be moved, but also the place (temple) where you hide them. I will never be sure where they are in the beginning. That gives players a reason to explore in the beginning of the game. (now there is no reason to explore the first minutes) @quantumstate Indeed, in general conquest must be the default mode, otherwise the complexity of other modes could 'scare' starting gamers.
  3. Hi I'm new here and read already a lot (but far from all). So far I think it's only possible to play conquest/skirmish, right? What I would like to see is some more modes, I wrote some ideas down, bacisly much is 'taken' from the AoE series. 1. REGICIDE A mode much like 'Age of Kings', where the player have one special or unique unit, like a king or queen for example. Once that unit is killed the game ends. So basicly if you are loosing in absolute power (less resources, less upgrades, etc. than your enemy) you still make a chance by killing his king/queen 2. WONDERS Once a wonder is build, the enemy team have a certain amount of time (pe. 25 minutes) to destroy the building, otherwise they loose. Wonders should be EXTREMELY expensive and take a lot of time to build. (to balance the game) Makes it a VERY interesting mode if two wonders are build at the same time (you will have to defend your own, but also attack the enemy wonder) 3. RELICS Varying of the amount of players, there are some relics across the map that cannot be destroyed. Since I saw the temple (currently) didn't have a function yet it can be used for the following: You are able to make priests (which should be quite expensive, weak and slow), than only priests would be able to take the relics from the ground. After the have taken the relic the go back to their temple where the relic is put, getting the player an amount of recourses every pe 5 seconds (thanks to the relic). Let's say we play with 2, then there should be 2+1=3 relics in the total game, or with 4 players 4+1=5. There should always be one more relic than players because than people will attack the one with 2 relics quicker (but bacisly he is the stronger one, because he earns two times the amount of free resources for the 2players example) So aside conquest, I would recommend these other 3 modes, I realy like the relics mode Anyway I created a poll so we can see what the community likes the most! EDIT: thinking about a 'hardcore' mode, combining the above 3 modes in one game. Would be extremely difficult to control, but a lot of fun for hardcore RTS gamers (like me) You can loose by two different causes (getting your king/queen killed, not been able to destroy the enemy his wonder). So you can't focus on only collecting relics or gathering resources for a wonder. You must manage all these different things and prevent your enemy from killing your unique unit. EDIT2: Please if you vote, comment to this thread, say why you like or not like a certain mode.
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