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  1. this new function at 1:28 could be used to animate the destruction of the structures?
  2. just for fun: Photoreal Roman Emperor Project
  3. i think this guy is one of the most expert for rasperry pi gaming. He also tried 0 A.D. in the near past.
  4. only for the next 2 hours: F1 2015 https://www.humblebundle.com/store/f1-2015
  5. to me, unread content page doesn't load since mid december i get the same message of Sundiata: Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
  6. some wiki environment, like mediawiki or, more simple, dokuwiki. But you need a webserver (apache + php, and for mediawiki, also mysql): it could run locally, using Xampp or similar platforms. Otherwise, a very simple software: Zim http://www.zim-wiki.org/
  7. Just for fun, a video that i've found today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YENnaTK-sKs Then, how about 0 A.D.?
  8. same problem here. Crash on start: Much to our regret we must report the program has encountered an error.Please let us know at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ and attach the crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp files.Details: unhandled exception (Access violation reading 0x00000000)Location: unknown:0 (?)Call stack:(error while dumping stack: No stack frames found)errno = 0 (No error reported here)OS error = 0 (no error code was set)with -nosound the game starts correctly crashlog.dmp crashlog.txt mainlog.html system_info.txt
  9. the interesting thing is that is ported with this https://github.com/kripken/emscripten/wiki which is the same compiler used to port Unreal Engine 3 https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2013/03/27/mozilla-is-unlocking-the-power-of-the-web-as-a-platform-for-gaming/ Maybe in future could be used also for 0 AD
  10. yeah... only the eyes are a little ponies like... but otherwise it's a great sketch
  11. interesting article about the water in Assassin's Creed 3 http://www.fxguide.com/featured/assassins-creed-iii-the-tech-behind-or-beneath-the-action/
  12. in Italy we know Heroes del Silencio as a the spanish version of Litfiba http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMMj1FrRFH4
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