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  1. These are really impressive models! One thing I think would be fun to add, even as just decoration would be one of the big Olmec heads.
  2. Lion, can't you just give us a link to these sources rather than copy pasting the text in full? It really makes it a pain to see what other people are saying.
  3. If you want people to take this demand seriously, try drafting a unit and building list for your faction. Tell us how they play and what they do. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? What do their units and buildings look like? Where are they actually from? And most importantly, how did they impact or communicate with the other civilizations of this time? To walk in here demanding an "African civilization" and claim that anyone who does not agree is racist and a fan of slavery, is extremely lazy and insulting to a lot of the artists and programmer who have been working o
  4. I want to first say that the quality of your animations is amazing! They look so good and add some nice *oomf* to the units. You may want to tweak the Carry Grain animation though, it looks like that may hurt her arms! Also, I feel like if she carried the meat like that, it would tear really easy and fall on the ground. I think maybe a two handed animation would look a bit better. Besides that, everything looks great!
  5. I really like your animations. I think the exaggeration helps with telling what is going on from far away. For the mining animation though they should probably be bringing the pick up higher. She looks like she hurt her back and can't move it.
  6. I like em! I suppose that the biggest problem, and this goes for a lot of the buildings in game right now, is that it doesn't have enough player color.
  7. I like that market design a lot. I wish some of the other markets, i.e. celtic, would follow that general design of a central building surrounded by many little tents.
  8. The Slovakians and Scots are represented by the Celtic faction in game and the Arabs are Persians. If you can think of some way to distinguish the factions, feel free to draft a design document.
  9. I always forget about the famed nuclear power plants of Classical Greece or the towering assembly line factories of the Celts.
  10. It's already in the design document. Lurk more.
  11. Does this really merit a thread on it's own? You're starting new topics at five minute intervals. But yes, there will be a Part 2, hopefully. It hasn't begun actual development though and probably won't for a while now.
  12. Your skills at designing a scene just aren't fair to the rest of us. Any chance of a Celtic Druid background?
  13. I would like to propose a change in how hunting works. Right now, the only main two sources of reliable food are farming and fishing. Hunting deer or other medium game requires too many units chasing them down for a very small amount of food. To remedy this, I would recommend a mix of increasing the amount of food that animals carry, reducing their health, and slowing them down. This gives units a better chance to catch them without having to run halfway across the map or sending 30 archers to kill one deer. One other thing to help make hunting feel more natural would be designating animal
  14. Lurs which were long bronze horns were used by various Scandinavian and German tribes dating back to the bronze age. Some have been found in Greece and Rome. I suppose a more accurate term would have been a "Trumpet" rather than a horn. Regardless, have fun: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_primitive_and_non-Western_trumpets
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