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  1. Empires : Dawn of the Modern World had such systheme, it worked well, the only weakpoint was isolated animals( a small groups of bears in a closed narrow space ), they would start to multiply until all the empty space is taken... An interesting video(at least the 2 first minutes), "In which I discuss the pros and cons of olive farming in the ancient world, and then get kicked for my efforts" : (the author also did points on longbows, shieldwalls, etc...)
  2. Here is an interesting article about texture blending : http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/AndreyMishkinis/20130716/196339/Advanced_Terrain_Texture_Splatting.php The algorithm needs a dept map for each texture(but isn't there already a bump/normal map with most textures ?)
  3. The black dot on the chimney doesn't feel like a hole(but maybe it's just the picture...) Otherwise, maybe the most beautifull persian building ^o^
  4. thank you ^^ (and I did use the search option ^^')
  5. Is there a way to tweak/mod the camera in order to get an isometric(or orthographic)view ? It is not exacly usefull but it would add an age of empire 2 feel to the game... By isometric I mean something like that :
  6. I already read those threads: http://www.wildfireg...92 I think Josh post sum up things quitte clearly, the building isn't accurate but if it convey a clearer message... "Wow, looks like the Mauryans were big on markets and trade." ^^ (Just like you, I think historical accuracy is great but without a big chimney, we'll need a good way to show the building is more than just a big house : that it is a blacksmith)
  7. I saw some truly impresive/efficient real-time calculations of fluid physics using the GPU( by the ecole normale supérieure in France ) : a clever use of the GPU could really make some aspects of the game( including your great patch )a lot faster... (but it require peoples able to code it...)
  8. In an historical RTS, buildings are not mean to be completly realistic( the market is a good example ) : they represent concepts more than actual buildings. As every abowe reference show, a big large chimney is a good way to help the playeur identify his blacksmith(even if it kills some of the realism ^^')
  9. every age of empire (with a sligth preference for aok) battle for middle earth 1 (using the dwarf hold mod : hundreds of time better than bfme2) compagny of heroes dawn of war 1 dawn of war 2 (just for the great campaign)
  10. an interesting idea would be to make sure it reacts only on moving units : it would solve the tower bug unit stationned in front of the gate( bowmen )wouldn't keep it open
  11. Well, in real life,it is. But we most certainly don't want an ultra realist gameplay as it would kill the fun (there is tons of explaination on how game have to be different from life if they want to be realy fun and challenging) (i like the way you put things into equations)
  12. it could depend on your cc number : 10 (or 15) towers allowed for each cc
  13. i found this short but interesting paper : http://web.archive.org/web/20091104094002/http://clash.apolyton.net/models/Model-MapAI.shtml it explains how to quickly analyse the map using pathfinding to find chockepoints, it isn't perfect but it's simple and powerfull ( i found it here, a great site on pathfinding : http://theory.stanford.edu/~amitp/GameProgramming/Applications.html#city-building )
  14. it would mean adding some interactiv models in atlas like a tornado, rolling stones...
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