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  1. Are the paper-ball scrunchy things in the front yard going to be trees/bushes?
  2. From WIkipedia, from the Gaesatae Page: "The appearance of these well-built naked warriors, and the noise of their trumpets and war-cries, intimidated the Romans, but their small shields offered little protection against Roman javelins, and the Gaesatae were driven back and their allies slaughtered.[9]" Not sure about helmet. More wikipedia: "The Greek historian Polybius says their name meant "mercenaries",[1] though the literal meaning in Gaulish is "Armed with javelins, Spearmen"[clarification needed] (from Gaulish *gaison "spear, javelin"),[2] which matches Old Irish gaiscedach "champion, armed person", from gaisced"weapons", itself from gáe "spear, javelin"),[3] and compare quite closely with the medieval Irish fianna, who were small warbands of landless young men operating independently of any kingdom.[4]" So, shouldn't they be spear-fighting people with a small shield? Although the name might only come from spear it is still a bit more likely than sword, no? I'm not sure, I just quoted wikipedia and used logic, I don't know if ypeople got their info from another source. Sorry for the wierd text and stuff, I don't know what happened.
  3. Let's just say: Woah, dude... this guy... like, he, like, made the...um... CPU usage of this thing.. called...CCmpRangeManager..like....way lower dude... that's like, good... But seriously, this is some good stuff... love the screenshot!
  4. We could try to lessen the impact of swastika by making it as far removed from the Nazi version as possible: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p669zkm7q7acrmf/Hindu%20Swastika.bmp The bare-breasted women, could someone post a pic of them to see how obvious it is? After all, if it's the kind of thing you wouldn;t see unless you look for it, it shouldn;t matter.
  5. Same, taking their capital and winning feels like cheating when they have about 10 more cities. My brother, once, in Thrones and Patriots kept demolishing his senate and moving it so my army could never take his capital.
  6. Hmm, it didn't work... Could you send it again please?
  7. I did some research, the nations that are feasible during the New Kingdom period of Egypt are: Assyrians Myceneans New Kingdom Egyptians (Obviously) Hittites Babylonians Mixed Central Europeans (e.g. Lusatians, Nuragic, etc.) If we also include Asian Civs, there is Shang China Harappans Gojoseon Korea The Asian Civs might be a sort of "Part 2" for the mod, I don't know. Anyway, take your pick and let's get mining.
  8. There could be a Greek nation too, Myceneans, right? I'm pretty sure it falls in the "Greek Dark Ages" but it seems that the Greek Dark AGes are just because archaeologists haven't found much, not because there isn't anything to find.
  9. The sounds aren't bad, but I do agree, sometimes the historical inaccuracy is quite annoying. They try to persist with one line of special unit all the time which often messes up the gameplay e.g. Royal Atl-Atl vs Crossbowman.
  10. Does it really matter that much about historical accuracy? The Mayans will be fun, and a game is meant to be fun. Anything that makes a game more fun or interesting is worth adding.
  11. THis sounds like a good idea, though Assyrians/Babylonians/Hebrews will be a problem since they all owned each others territory (part of) in different stages of histroy, and the Babylonians are just technically an offshoot of Assyria anyway. I might be wrong.
  12. By the way, guys, is the spreadsheet working?
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