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  1. @buggy123 I honestly dont even know what that means haha, I'm doing some research on the topic right now.
  2. I was wondering when somebody who could model would show up! Your models look pretty great, espcially the guns. I was wondering if maybe you wouldn't mind trying to make a falx model for a Thracian mod I am planning/making? Basically a falx is a very curved sword. Here are some images: Falx To give an idea of size Anyways, it's really cool that we now have a modeler. Hopefully you will be able to help create some great mods for this game.
  3. Awesome, looking forward to trying it. Im disapointed there are there are still no Persians or Carthaginians, etc . Oh well, makes sure I have something to look forward too!
  4. Glad to see this topic has generated so much interest. I'll post a detailed response when I have more time to read through all the comments. One thing I'd like to say though is that I'd like to stay away from more obscure civilizations. So while the Etruscans and the Indus Valley are fascinating to study, we don't know enough about them to make a faction out of them for an RTS game.
  5. will the persians be included in the next release?
  6. There was a two handed version, the rhomphaia, which was much longer and straighter. The falcata that I'm using is the closest thing in game right now, so I'm using that (falx and falcata both come from Latin "sickle", I believe, so it makes sense)
  7. Yeah, I was actually planning on adding a Thracian civ eventually. They fit perfectly into the timeline of 0 AD and there is already some art in game that I can use .
  8. Thanks! Alright I figured it out, here is a better screen: Thacian Cavalry and Swordsman
  9. I think the reason that I can't take the high resolution screenshots is because my keyboard is broken. In the meantime, here are some low res screenshots of the units I made. No texture editing involved, just me messing around with the Actor Editor. They are Thracian Cavalry and Falxman.
  10. Another problem I'm having has to do with screenshots. I used Crtl+Alt+F2 and looked in the Application Data folder, but it wasn't there.
  11. Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks anyway
  12. Ok. I'm making a swordsman, so I chose infantry_melee_swordsman or something like that. When I try to place the unit in Atlas, I get this error message: ERROR: CXeromyces: Parse error: units/thracian_warrior:1: Did not expect element Actor there ERROR: CXeromyces: Parse error: units/thracian_warrior:1: Element Entity has extra content: Actor ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation failed I know next to nothing about code/programming, so I probably made some really basic error.
  13. I'm having a small problem with creating an entity from an actor I made. What is a "parent entity"?
  14. I agree. The improvement from the pre-Alpha is amazing, I can't wait to see future versions of this game (hopefully soon and hopefully with some more civilizations )
  15. Hmm, Etruscans might work. They are interesting because the language they spoke was a language isolate, not related to the Indo-European languages around them. I'm not sure how much we actually know about their language, but I know they wrote in the Greek script. Same thing applies to the Minoans (although some researchers believe that Minoan, Etruscan, Rhaetian and Lemnian were part of a pre-Indo-European language family called Aegean or Tyrsenian). I think I might just stick with the six I have now... Btw, I'm sort of waiting until a later edition of 0 AD comes out to actually start modellin
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