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  1. @blablahead sure that shouldn't be too hard. how many verts? what format do you want the file? @SMST posted
  2. buggy123


    so let's say games will last around 40min -1hour (age of empire games at least) than that means even if you research at a rate of 5min/age you would barely reach the last stage. This means that civs with advantage in the later ages will be greatly at disadvantage for the majority of the game...=/
  3. 1st draft ok that's what I have now. 400 verts (250ish from trunk which I'm considering to remodel. and 160 from the quad planes of the leaves. which I can cut down to 100) so yeh, feedback on how I can fix it p.s. how about texture sizes? and game supports alpha maps right?
  4. almost done with the tree (at least one version.) btw how much polies?
  5. just added some of my works. Also hi SMST! I looked at your project and must say the scale of it is very impressive. As for texturing I can edit them, but I'm not great at making them from scratch (not much photo shop experience)
  6. no not really meaning to necro this thread but just out of curiosity, is it possible to make a DotA style mod? That would be pretty sick...
  7. high everyone! After being away for nearly half a year I suddenly remembered this game and checked it out again So let's cut to the chase. I'm a amateur modeler looking to brush up on my skill and keep me focused on 3D stuff. (school and stuff kept me kinda busy but I need to have this extracurricular skill) So I'm deciding to start modeling for a mod so you know, I will be more motivated. So if anyone is looking for a extra guy to help them (I can also do some scripting, C++, and stuff like that) with their mod, feel free to post is there a way to make spoiler tags? don't want to make people lag when they load this page
  8. I suppose the stirrup can be "researched" and give better movement speed and turn speed. but stat's like health and attack will be inferior. Now that 0 A.D is nearing a playable version (another few month?) I'm going to start working more on this
  9. yeh, morale shouldn't make soldiers rout, but rather affect their stats. armies with poor morale would not fight as well, move and fast, etc, and vice versa
  10. seems like a null pointer? idk just a wild guess there. anyone knows what this is about? It just popped up when i try to open pyrogenesis
  11. ic what your saying, but there's no artillery barrage or such in 0ad. also, there's no turrets in 0ad unless u count towers. my point is, scattered infantry running for there lives should move faster than men in a disciplined formation and that this game should reflect that to some degree. even if it's just making sure a lone infantrymen running for his life should move way faster than a phalanx.
  12. or rather, right *though* you towers and defenses and right into ur base only losing like 10 men. stationary defense never really did much imo. and its unlikely ur infantry will outrun their cavalry. I suggest a "withdraw" command. It would be similar to company of hero where they go faster but you can't control them until they can safely back to the rally point. this way, scattered infantry men can only be taken down by cavalry (without resistance) thus forcing the commander to think about the decision.
  13. this is going to be the most epic rts for a loooonnnnnnggggg time
  14. Hmm, personally I thought the AOE3 hc shipment system gave it more depth and strategy. Though it probably wouldn't be appropriate for a game like 0AD. btw, the hc shipments are suppose to complement your strategy, not determine it. Just saying. Anyways, this unit experience system will be interesting. Probably be lots of retreating now. xD btw, do unit ranks affect the stats alot or just a little? (enough to make a very noticeable difference?)
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