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  1. Glad to see a new version of api and its improvements! I'll build a new ai from scratch using common-api-v3 during christmas break! Edit: when you say ' apply the patch' after you update AI bots in AI folder, what do you mean? Apply with what? I'm a newbie with C programming so bear with me. I'd like to try out this api and play with it.
  2. Heres the new update for the new AI bot. It shouldn't crash anymore after finishing a dock, and economic management is improved (less stupid decisions). It should be a stable at this point. It still does not train any units yet. It does not perform any military action yet. It will be the last update for a while. I won't be as active as I am in 0AD community or the AI bot I'm working on anymore (I no longer have much free time anymore ). But I'll work on it every once a while when I can. I still enjoy working on the AI to have fun with it sometimes. I won't be on IRC much but I'll check the forum once a while. Hopefully I'll be active again next summer! Edit: this ai bot is not a fully functional AI bot. I'm only share this for the interested AI developers. Good luck! simulation.zip
  3. I think there shouldn't be a maximum distance for tunneling. You're already paying for it (since its based on length like you said.) This could be used as a tactic to counter against people that are rushing civic centre near your civic centre. You can't train seige until phase 3, and you have poor defense against rushers that slowly invade your base overtime while you're also losing your soldiers trying to defend your base. I think there could be a small chance (like 2-4% chance times the units weight standing above the tunnel ) that terrain would deform into tiny ravine shape and damage any affected units by some percentage.
  4. rjs23

    Spy sheep

    I find it funny being able to move sheep without a worker controlling it nearby. Naturally, sheep doesn't do what we command them to do so we force them to do (pushing, scaring them off to make them move, etc)
  5. There is a strange behavior how fishing boats behave after the fish resource is used up. I have my AI to reassign the fishing boat when it becomes IDLE but some fishing boat never seem to enter INDIVIDUAL.GATHER.IDLE at all. Instead it does the never-ending loop of INDIVIDUAL.GATHER.APPROACHING and INDIVIDUAL.GATHER.GATHERING (gathering what? there is no fish resource there anymore). Some won't enter IDLE status when fishing boat is sitting doing nothing. I have to assign it manually to reset the never-ending loop status bug. I've attached the saved file (it has my AI bot, but I think this behavior still occur without my bot). Remove .txt extension (board won't let me its orginal format otherwise. http://img1.uploadsc...050818-orig.jpg There used to be more but I had to manually assigned all but one (that in screenshot). This behavior could cause unexpected bug in AI with water units quicksave-0005.0adsave.txt
  6. Yea, was thinking that animal got overkilled pretty hard. Animal brutality detected.
  7. My advise: don't be afraid of being laughed at. We're all newbies at some points. Being laughed at happens to almost everyone. If you want feedback about your experiment, you should feel free to do it. Don't let other people scare you of showing your work. To be honest, I don't think the community of 0 A.D would even laugh at anyone work. It's a good community here. Currently, 0 AD needs a better AI. It wouldn't hurt 0AD to have more AI. Moloas, you should try if you want to. I would love to have more competition in AI section since I'm competitive-driven. It's like programming game to me.
  8. If i understand correctly, I would say that its mixtures of: 1. Hierarchical FSM or Behavior tree, (example: if there is a building foundation and this worker is capable of building it, then assign this worker. If not, then make this worker to gather something. This also can be events-driven type of action ) 2 .Planner (example: picking which buildings to be used that are best for this civilization then customize the AI behavior later on ) This would usually happens initially. 3. Rule based (example: worker can't build too far, worker can't gather resource far away, can't build dock if there is no fish) So far it would be Planner at the start of the game, then it would become combination of FSM/Behavior Tree/Rule Based ai format. That's how I would see in my AI once it evolves. I hope that answered to your question. I expect it to be vague lol. its formatting reveal what kind of habit I have: laziness I don't expect people to use my code at this point because, well, its very immature at this point.
  9. here is my bot attachment. Hopefully it should be enough to be able to work on your 0 AD. Only works in SVN, not alpha 10. Don't expect it to be fully working bot like qBot yet. Molas: I'm reading your post, give me a moment to understand the BT concept. arBot.zip
  10. Not familiar with AI format. I probably would guess planner? Other seems less clear to me.
  11. Not at all, but atm it doesn't have the ability to train any worker/boat yet. I'll add that later on as the AI stabilize first. It's work in progress and also, I haven't fully planned how it should train effectively yet (I need to play 0AD more to learn its gameplay better before I do add it to AI) However, if you train the worker/boats for the AI, then AI will do the rest. Other than that, lots of debugs warning and sometime other strange warnings. How do you want me to upload AI's files?
  12. Another similar bug, but this time, its on Hyrcanian Shores. Again, the workers could not chop that tree down. There is a tree that is spawned within stone mine obstruction area. http://img1.uploadsc...092176-orig.jpg It will cause some minor issues with AI bots
  13. This one fixed the startup crash and no longer trigger in-game crash few seconds later. It's normal now, great!
  14. This created more problems for me. Whenever I start a new game, it crashed first few seconds. Now when I applied that OpenAL32.dll to my binaries/system and run the program again, Instantly, I get this: http://img1.uploadsc...481327-orig.jpg Using Windows 7 premium 64 bits with AMD a8-3850 processor.
  15. I wonder, can we make the bridge to raise up (to let boat go through), or to release it back down so land units can go over the water by using a toggle button (similar to Wall Gate building in SVN (Soon to be alpha11?)? That way, when its raised up, the terrain that bridge was covering is now a water type. When bridge release it back down, the terrain is no longer a water (therefore boat can't pass it) but now land unit can walk over it.
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