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  1. "I hate to ruin all the fun here, but that is the sort of exploitation that we'd like to prevent." Makes sense to prevent it. If it was implemented you could go just outside an enemy city, build a few wall sections, fill them with archers, (entirely unrealistic) then attack the enemy and lead them out to your "death star". However, it does make sense for the archers to be able to shoot over small fences. They could also probably shoot over walls (realistically) at a sharp angle, but the shots wouldn't be very accurate. Perhaps there could be an attack ground order to make units attack a specif
  2. "As Feneur has eluded to, my mantra is "authenticity, not accuracy." What that means is we can fudge some things for a coherent gameplay experience, as long as the overall feel is still authentic." That makes perfect sense. I was more concerned with the physics (speed, turning radius, etc) of ships than where they are built. Seige weapons built a seige workshop makes things less complex. Trying to build them near the enemy while under attack would be frustrating.
  3. Seems to me ships of that time period (whether sailing or rowed - or both) would start out slow then get faster as their momentum built - with a top speed eventually being reached. Of course the top speed would depend on weight of said ship and amount of rowers (among other factors), or in the case of a sails only situation, the wind speed and wind direction. Also whether or not the sea is calm (or stormy) would be another factor. I'm not sure how technical you all want to make 0 AD (and I realize the more technical it is the longer it takes to implement, so I'm not suggesting taking all these
  4. On the main page I saw: "Add experimental fighter planes." If there are flying planes, then presumably there could be flying x-wings, tie fighters, etc. If you wanted a pure space battle, create flat land and give it a stars terrain (I'm assuming land is required to make a map, not merely "space" or "sky").
  5. I would like to create a step by step building modification guide. A lot of people want to mod, but also don't know where to start. I have written multiple step by step guides for AOKTC and that is where new aoktc modders are generally referred to. It makes moding much easier when there is a guide which details exactly how. I have 3ds max and could easily get blender. My idea is to start by detailing exactly how to mod (graphically change the appearance of) a celtic house. My idea is to write a moding guide that could be linked to (or posted) in the modding section. When someone wants to kno
  6. Take some credit, the AI beat me -- or well I gave up. Its a win for the AI either way. The first time I tested the game, I tried to built up a mass of soldiers (of varying types) to go in and kill the AI. The AI defended the hell out of its base, then counter attacked mine. As I had little to no defensive capabilities, I quit. I like the scouts idea though. But rather than a pop up it could "auto flare" (i.e. aoktc when a team member uses flare to mark something). Perhaps a red X auto flared means "an enemy is here". Or there could be an option to "auto flare" or "generate pop up". Stances
  7. Recently, I tried the latest alpha. It's all coming together very well. Path-finding was a little quirky though. I ordered some villagers to a destination a few screens away, they didn't move at all. However, once I ordered them about halfway as far they went to that point. I know the game is currently alpha which means some features are not yet available. Is the charge function implemented? I remember reading about that somewhere but looked in the manual and couldn't figure out the controls to make that happen. Is there a list of what unit is strong vs what other unit? An aoktc example wo
  8. Quick question: Does this bring China into the game as an extra civilization? Or does it replace a current civ with China? If the question seems weird its likely because I'm an aoktc modder.
  9. This is one of the many benefits of going Open Source! As a modder I wish good luck to everyone attempting modding. Be sure to make backups of your work. (I.e. save the data to a location other than your hard drive). Happy new year to all and to all a good Knight. (A little medieval humor there).
  10. "For the next alpha, we welcome fan suggestions for words relating to the ancient world beginning with C." Citadel Cyprus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprus Cerberus* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerebrus *A 3 headed hell dog, that would be a fun unit.
  11. I know stats will likely change over time, just thought it would be nice to see that data.
  12. Mrfititonline used to have a table with unit data (i.e. hitpoints, speed, reload, armor, build time, bonuses, etc.) for all of the age of kings and age of kings the conquers units. Is there a similar table for 0 AD? If so, where?
  13. "...do you think ive overcomplicated the prerequisites for nuclear weaponry?" That depends on how complicated you want to make it. The more techs that have to be researched for something to happen, the more your mod leads towards a simulation game (i.e. sim city) and away from an rts game. Some prefer quick and dirty RTS's -- not much of an econ, with it easy to rush - for example, red alert, red alert 2. Others prefer more of a simulation. For example, Empire Earth and Civilization. The more technical something is the more it annoys certain people, while others are happier. AOKTC strikes the
  14. I prefer the way it is now. However, why not make it a choice in the options screen? Of course one of the options would be default, but it could easily be changed in the options screen.
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