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  1. men when someone suggests something doesnt do it for the next alpha but for the future versions
  2. bullshit? how is going to affect your game a name
  3. yea but there are basic question ununswered. will port forwarting will damage my internet in any way. will both the players need to do it
  4. idea 1 what about every male citizent - soldier when you click on them have a random name. for example you click on a greek hoplite = Socrates pausanios ( socrates son of paysanias)
  5. i sugesti what i suggested( i dont know what settler gameplay is ,sorry)
  6. i host a game . i sent my ip to my friend .he tries to put the server name and my ip but when he tries to connect gets cannot connect for uknown reasons
  7. how can i play multiplayer with one of my friend throught internet
  8. whatever.the building doesnt matter.my suggestion is about the citizent ,soldier part not the building its self =)
  9. after you press the "call to arms" button" your soldiers run to armory or whatever and then they are transformed into soldiers as it was historically) and then you can use them as soldiers
  10. what you mean micro manage.no micromanage at all and not simplifyingwhat i am suggesting in few sentences. 1 make all resource gathering using the ancient wars of sparta unique way .you build a gold/wood gathering building ,you send 3-5 citizens to work and you are finished(you wont have to micromanage your recourses or anything) 2 make all civilian/luxury/culture buildings(nearly all buildings)need to be manned (send citizent inside it) to work. for example university(you cant reasearch without proffesors) 2b sort the buildings into a few categories based on incomes. for example wood
  11. I use a second thread because this suggestion need completely change this system.This idea will need a bit balancing of and will be for the future course As you know Greeks never used mass standing armies. In the game this is not portrayed properly yet so i suggest this lets speak only for greek faction at the moment 1A : Greek army will be split bettwen standing(some police duty soldiers mostly) and non standing . Standing soldiers will be recruited from military baracks like buildings . Non standing will be recruited in this way 1B: You cant train units in the way that happens now 1C :
  12. 1 not all civs uses citizen soldier concept specialy like the greek one 2 the fact that one time your soldiers are armored brutes and the other time are cutting trees and the other time the armored brutes again is immersion killer so i suggest this a new soldier button "call to arm" and a second" get back to work) when you press the button get back to work your spearment will get to your nearest military building or armory and will leave his weapon and start working. if you press "call to armrs " your soldiers will go to the nearest armory or central building to get their armors
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