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  1. Fantastic info Jeru, thank you, I'll check it out. I hope my thread hasn't been a waste of space, perhaps it can serve as a billboard for larger scale games (4 player +) as I assume there probably aren't more than a couple of people online simultaneously on the IRC? Let me know if any of you guys would like to play copious multiplayer
  2. Hi all! First off, big applause to Wildfire Games for trying to bring about such an amazing game, and that without even claiming a penny from anyone. Just discovered 0 AD a couple of days ago, have messed around a bit in the editor and singleplayer and find the game to be already well fleshed out. Am feeling a little lonely however and can't wait to test what the multiplayer is like, and having not found any "Multiplayer Matchup" thread on the forums I thought it would be a good idea to have one. That way anyone who feels the same can meet up here and try to organize a game from time to time, on rainy weekends and such Not a fan of 1vs1 but hell that's still better than playing vs the comp (not that the AIs are horrible but it's always a better feeling knowing there is another person on the other end than just a computer). Looking forward to seeing some great 3 player + action, with all the diplomatic twists that involves
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