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  1. let's wait how the fundraising turns out and than one can possibly reconsider implemented gameplay-features and all that nice stuff. :-) that terrain-thing would be awesome... but imho the general fighting-simulation should be put towards fighting in formation (yes ... a known problem) ... so that you can effectively manage your battle tactics (and that this plays the most important role on the outcome of the battle) that and the lag will make the game 100% more fun :-) . because i think the graphics and cultures and technologies are already AAA :-) lookin forward!
  2. this might be a bit off-topic... i hope not too much. mythos_ruler said something abouth the "campaign map" and 0 a.d. I know it was a topic one or two years ago. is the campaign of which is the word in the indiegogo-text maybe a "grand-strategy-style"-campaign with such a map? ... i mean ... this would include a whole new implemantation... but sounds very promising... the combination of round-based-campaign-map and real-time AOE-maps would be a hard thing to do. but ... wow... could be so cool. but maybe it's way too huge? thanks for answers :-)
  3. i am with you guys for more than 2 loving years now. i wanna give you any help i can. i think we'll achieve this fundraising campaign. i made the best experiences with indiegogo!
  4. sounds great. i guess the community is very (at least i could say this for me) willing to gather donations for this kind of pace in the work-progress. thanks a lot!
  5. sorry... i'm starting a "new" topic here... in atlas, is there a possibility to create a "random map" or to load a pre-made map in order to make your own maps based on maps which are already playable? (I loved this feature in the editors of AOE and AOK and missed it in the editor of AOE III) i rather like to tweak maps more than having to make entirely new maps from the scratch. thanks a lot!
  6. sorry! just found the other thread... alpha 14 preview..... closed --------------------------- Dear Community, i would like to put the spark back in this old forum-tradition; this shall be a place where features (and maybe screenshots? if some developments are visually recognizable) of the upcoming alpha are presented. makes the wait easier :-)
  7. i like these ideas very much! maybe it should be connected to difficulty? or it should be done with a simple on/off-switch (non-fertile grounds...)
  8. these new features sound beautiful! i'd say better get them all in and working (MP LOBBY!!!!! :-) ) and rather wait longer! nice... !
  9. hey dear community, as we are all waiting for alpha 12, i would like to gather information concerning some of the upcoming features. which will be the key features? thanks a lot, this will be a nice christmas regards
  10. i love this pic, too. always thought on this campaign-mode. hopefully it will be built in sometime. concerning that - i am optimistic!
  11. hey dear community, wooow... nice! a big question: will there be a usable multiplayer-interface in the next alpha. i found it rather hard to do it the manual way. besides, it would increase the popularity of 0 A.D. before the beta-phase considerably in my eyes. the bots are good but the game would make A LOT more fun, if it can be easily played with human opponents. even though it will lag with more than two players. shall we found an extra-donation-fond for this issue?
  12. yes, i've read everything. and it's pretty much related. but - as a tradition - i liked the preview threads. maybe the community uses it ... maybe not
  13. hey dear community, as a nice summer breeze Alpha 11 of 0 A.D. will give us chills. guess we are all really lookin forward to this. hopefully there will be some preview-screenshots, small discussions (features, names, forecast on upcoming alphas) and any thoughts concerning the new Alpha Release. warm regards, claas
  14. this list (it's new to me) sounds perfect to me. and the planned features for the second part sound very very interesting, too (units on walls, strategic campaign with round based kind of interface) so i have to agree with plumo. - things are going well. and i guess there will be a lot of user-generated scenarios with - at least - accurate maps and circumstances which will countervail the lack of an in-game campaign with triggers and narrative content. i think the only remaining major issue is the poor performance and an easy, stable and usable multiplayer interface. when having achieved this, the game will already be very enjoyable in my eyes!
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