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  1. It would be nice if it was available for older versions...
  2. oh ok well, Alpha XV (Osiris), and it says it can't open a file: ''Applications/0ad. app/Contents/Framework/libAtlasUI.dylib''
  3. You mean the game? well always had it tried it again and it doesn't work. tried to reinstall the game but it still doesn't work. I don't think i changed anything...
  4. well mine won't even start ''not or available of failed to load'' (on a mac)
  5. Has anyone ever seen camels in the snow?
  6. Thanks, I deleted everything and it worked!
  7. Hey i just wanted to know if it is possible to reset the whole game. I have a mac and to uninstall you have to delete the app, but when i downloaded the game again, all the maps i did were still there, and i can't get them away. They still show in the Atlas menu, when opening maps i created... And it's just a bit annoying to see some things saved as ''17t2ebdbzug'' Thanks,
  8. Jep some more compact formations. Ok, well hope it does come out
  9. Most of the time if I'm moving a big army it moves around in form of a big column... then if you arrive at a settlement the front of the column get's killed before the end of it even arrives. Now my idea is to make a function that groups the unit; 20 melee,10 ranged,...) and then you can move this constellation as a unit, without bothering to select them individually. like this you could move them a lot more easily. This groups should also have some kind of aggressive standground function; they fight close together for some bonus... I know you can phalanx your units but they break up very fast
  10. Can't we play our own maps anymore? can't find the folder and if i save a map it doesn't appear in the scenarios as usual... and where is the pike elevation tool?
  11. Nop, it's just going to the border of the map and back...
  12. Then the ship leaves again, but i will try to live with trying ten times before having my units on board
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