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  1. But this feature (the looting) are in the game?
  2. I thinking no. But if do it is possible to ad at screen the text "looted x of iron/stone/wood..."
  3. I will not reproduce the structure warehouse already proposed another suggestion. But the idea that if you attack a structure and destroy the gains some of the resources that make up (or collects). Example: In Rise of Nations, when you destroy a structure gains resources and when you conquer a city gains of around 500 (though it is the capital, it is a different city gains less depending on the size of the city). The idea is this: to destroy the structures and gain resources (do not say much but not too little)
  4. In Rise of nation you can only conquer the city, in AoE only destroy and build. Why not allow the conquest in 0AD ?! A captured city will provide unity of that nation (as the Romans conquered the Gauls? The Romans may use troops of the Gauls) course use enemy units will cost twice as much in resources(occupation). The additional cost will decrease over time (five minutes may be enough) or if you do not want to wait, you "annex" the city. The city annexed become the conqueror of the same civilization and takes half the time. Example: Romans conquered Gauls, Romans click "annex" the city was annexed and can produce Roman units
  5. Disaster? Forse cercavi: Perchè IE è un disastro? Io ho giocato solo a AoE 2, Rise of nation e warzone2100(lì solo 1 risorsa). Ma da quello che ho capito puoi acquistare risorse all'infinito usando la "pietra"Because EE is a disaster? I have only played AoE 2, Rise of nation and warzone2100 (there only 1 resource). But from what I understand you can buy infinite resources using the "stone"
  6. I did not understand, then there is a kind of "barter"? It seems strange that there is gold in ALL the games that I did was the gold / currency / wealth to collect that was the basis of the economy of the games (and historically the drachma, gold and so on ...They were the basis of the civilized economies)
  7. Hello, I have noticed that when you buy at the market ... you can buy what you want, the money is not there "money". In the rise of nation (in which there are national borders) there are two ways to get money: tax the territories under its control or send caravans to their town or city allied. The idea would be to create the caravans (instead of the usual merchants normally used) to create "money" or "richness" with this wealth can buy the resources to market and build buildings.
  8. Maya and atzechi is possibile?
  9. I have player to warzone2100 5 years a go is a Well war game, very biggest strategy opportunity!
  10. ok...magari quando il gioco non sarà più in alpha possono pensare a una versione(magari una mod) che trasforma il gioco in isometrico!
  11. THE license is open source, right!? You can do whatever you want! In'oltre are not many who have a powerful processor or graphics sheda high quality! I'm not asking the world! in'oltre I keep saying that to add new units / buildings is better than the isometric 3D!
  12. Io sono mono lingua(italiano) però uso il traduttore per l'inglese I am single language (Italian) but use a translator for English
  13. SI però, molta gente non può giocare a questo bellissimo gioco(nemmeno io, e molta gente di linux si lamenta perchè avendo trovato un gioco decente per linux non può giocarci perchè troppo potente) perchè è troppo potente! io chiedo solo di renderlo meno potente dal punto di vista grafico! YES, however, many people can not play this great game (even I, and many people complain because of linux having found a decent game for linux can not play because they are too powerful) because it is too powerful! I ask you only to make it less powerful in terms of graphics!
  14. parli italiano? Bene di che se si fa isometrico molta più gente riuscirà a giocarci e che sarà anche più facile da correggere e da modificare! perchè un conto è inserire un'unità 3D cosa che solo gente con grande abilità grafica riesce a fare mentre un'unità isometrica risulta già più facile,stessa cosa per gli edifici e le altre cose, tipo i combattimenti! insomma il gioco diventerebbe molto più leggero e giocabile(anche da chi non ha computer super potenti!) Voi che giocate quanti siete? 20-30? potete anche essere 200 o 300 ma io prerirei che a giocarci sia la maggiorparte del globo e non un piccolo gruppo con computer potenti! you speak Italian? Well what if you do isometric many more people will be able to play and that will also be easier to correct and edit! because one thing is to insert a 3D thing that only people with great graphical abilities can do as an isometric is already easier, same for buildings and other things, like fighting! in short, the game would become much lighter and playable (even those not super powerful computers!) You're playing many of you? 20-30? can also be 200 or 300 but I prerirei that play is the majority of the globe and not a small group with powerful computers!
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