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  1. Its just because the old systems savegames aren't meant to run with 11, cause 11 is a better revised version of 10 right.. So the 11 coding will be different from the 10 coding.. Thus why it won't work.. Your just going to have to start a new game
  2. Absolutely amazing It has definitely came a long way! I don't know if the amazing run-time is because of my new computer, or because of long hard work done by you guys! But regardless its sooo smooth now that i couldn't complain either way GREAT JOB WILD FIRE GAMES STAFF! AND THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE!
  3. Guess its a good thing i brought this up then
  4. No i mean like this emblem for 0 a d you know the O with a + inside of it? that would be the design for the cd, and that would be it
  5. I think it should be pure white and then around the edge you'll see a thick red line outlining the CD, then have the cross ( thus demonstrating the games emblem of course ) and on the side in the middle, just have 0 A.D. and right underneath it following about halfway through the a and the D start the last part A Wildfire Games Project.
  6. Last thing i want in this game is ads.. I have ads EVERYWHERE I GO now-a-days.. I can't even pump gas at the gas station without them embedding a TV into the gaspump with it playing ads.. Please... no ads..
  7. I don't because when I try to go back to normal browsing, or reading books online or anything of that sort, any time i right click, theres about 6 more options cause of jdownloader (or w.e svn you would use.. )
  8. Whats Your machines SPECS?
  9. So I was thinking instead of making us go through all the awful troubles of having to get a SVN Client, and getting all that junk, Why not just Integrate a [update Button] into the Home Screen of the game that works as a SVN Client, and updates the 0 A D game? - After it finishes the update, 0 A D will restart, using all the newest little gadgets that you all put so much hard work and time into! I think this should be a TOP priority Opinions?
  10. There is also hot-keys that made this work, even if they weren't clickable [Delete] Destroys unit Control, or ALT right a right or left click makes the units garrison
  11. As far as multiplayer games go, trying to find a match now is easy if you join my online steam community group called 0 A.D.
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