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  1. Maybe you should try to look at the previous post where's there's a picture depicting Ptolemaic troops with two Carians mercenaries who carries a rectangular shield with scorpion emblem?
  2. Here's a good article about the Carians/Karians, hope you like it. http://www.academia.edu/3498385/GREEK_AND_OUR_VIEWS_ON_THE_KARIANS Oh, here's another one: http://www.livius.or...aria/caria.html
  3. The Seleucids have their own camel riders but they are Elymaeans who have fought as camel archer under Antiochus III to invade Greece but aborted before the invasion could happen. So that means we have 2 unit of Camel Riders because Ptolemaic Egypt use Bedouins as camel riders.
  4. The problem is Ptolemaic Egypt have other mercenary troops able to fill the role as light infantry or axeman, for example the Carians from Asia Minor could fill the need. Historically they belong to the Ptolemaic Empire, so why not just use them as a substitute instead of using an anonymous unit? Carian mercenaries (left) employed by Ptolemaic Egypt.
  5. How frequent did the Ptolemaic official record mention these units? What is their name? What's their achievements? Do we need an anonymous unit for a new civilization?
  6. Perhaps some historical units? Gaisofluxo Frijot Dugunthiz Amazons? no way! Militia, you mean generic militia? That's hard, not every civilization have the same militia because they are those citizen soldier! But, i have some unit i wish that they would be one of the eyecandy unit: Makkabaioi Zelotai (Maccabean Zelots)
  7. We should be more careful with emblem, especially those use by Creative Assembly.
  8. Be careful with RS II unit roster especially the so called "Thorakitai Argyraspides", Europa Barbarorum have their own version as if they are competing against RS II.
  9. Hope you guys appreciate this. ANCIENT IRAN AND THE MEDITERRANEAN WORLD UNIWERSYTET JAGIELLONSKI INSTYTUT HISTORII ELECTRUM Studia z historii starozytnej Studies in Ancient History edited by Edward Da^browa VOL.2 ANCIENT IRAN AND THE MEDITERRANEAN WORLD Proceedings of an international conference in honour of Professor Jozef Wolski held at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, in September 1996 edited by Edward D^browa I AG 1 1 LLC NI AN UNrVUlUITY P R F, 5 S RECENZENCI Michat Gawlikowski Wlodz'milerz Lengauer OKtADKE. PROJEKTOWALA Barbara Widlak REDAKTOR Elzbieta Szcz^sniak © Copyright by Uniwe
  10. That's not even Seleucid unit! They are Sabeans. Medians? 0 AD have it. The Cataphract photo from Mike would do, no need for RS II model.
  11. These archers looks like Cretan than Syrian, you can find a proper Syrian Archer arms and armor in Brassey's History of Uniform Roman Army Wars of the Empire by Graham Sumner.
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