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Community Answers

  1. @Lion.Kanzen, don't know why you tagged me here, I have no idea about these low-level things.
  2. The formation as a single attacking entity has seen an attempt to implement it in the past. And remains of that can still be seen throughout the code. But there were multiple strange side effects with routing and economy tasks. Combined with changes to the pathfinder. So that was kinda reverted to the old state, and is rather broken now. So working on that will be very difficult, and will require you to have a thorough knowledge on the entire codebase (routing, UnitAI, ...). Not something for a beginner to work on.
  3. Most of the things you mention are moddable. So you should brush up your JS instead of C++ (the mod code is written in JS). But you bring in some interesting points. Stances (of moods as you call them) need a better design. Currently, it's still rather unclear what a certain stance does. But having a default stance per building does sound useful and not too difficult to implement. The flee behavior will be a bit more difficult to implement gameplay wise, f.e. some player might not care about some workers, but wants to garrison a tower with archers. Then having females automatically garrison in the tower might make an annoying game. Having groups of units is already possible, just check the shortcuts mentioned in the in-game manual. I don't really see what you want with the stance for a group of units, but formations have seen a lot of attempts to fix them, and they're still not very good.
  4. Ah, if you still have your old computer, you can manually copy the login info from your old config to the new. See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths on where to find it
  5. It saves a hash of the password that is used to log in. That way, your password is never stored on your computer and is never send over the Internet. If someone grabs the password hash in some way (f.e. via malware on your computer, or via listening on an unprotected connection), the only thing they can do is using that password hash to log in to the lobby. They cannot reconstruct the original password, so in case you reuse your password for other services, they won't be able to impersonate you there. Services that are able to tell you what your password is are inherently insecure (as opposed to services that can give you a new random password on request). We currently don't offer a way to reset a password (which will probably get implemented some time), but at least we're secure.
  6. Both Flickr and Wikipedia clearly list the license of the images (every image has a different license on that site). Normally, the license is pretty clear (it says CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, GPL, CC-0, CC-BY-NC, ...) in the license details. There are some we can use, and some we can't. In general, everything committed to the game should become CC-BY-SA, as we like to keep it simple. CC-0: This license doesn't put any restrictions on the file. So we can simply use it in game content that uses the CC-BY-SA license CC-BY: Requires attribution (the original author should be placed in the contributors file), but it can also be used in CC-BY-SA content, so it's fine to use this, but just remember the authors CC-BY-SA: This is the license we use for the game art. So it's fine to use files with this license, but again the original author should be attributed CC-BY-NC: This license limits commercial usage (NC stands for Non-Commercial). This isn't usable in the game as we don't want to limit commercial usage (f.e. ad-supported gameplay videos). CC-BY-ND: This license doesn't allow you to make derivations from it. So it's entirely unsuitable to base another piece of artwork on. GPL: This is an old art license, it's pretty similar to CC-BY-SA, but not compatible with it. There isn't a lot of art left with that license, and we just want to keep things simple (with a single license for all artwork), so files with this license shouldn't be used. Here's some more information about the CC licenses: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ If you have doubts about a file, just put a link to it here, and we can give some advise.
  7. Well, only the lobby registration is locked. Nothing changed to the direct p2p configuration. I have no idea what can be wrong here.
  8. Did you try it like this? run the ifconfig command on a terminal on the host's computer That should show his local ip, normally starting with 192.168.0 or 192.168.1, remember it Start the game on the host computer, and go to Multiplayer -> Host game Start the game on the other computer(s), and go to Multiplayer -> Join game fill in the local ip address of the host in the client(s)
  9. Then you should use the local ip address of the host. On what OS is the host?
  10. Are you on the same network (in the same building), or on different networks? If you are on the same network, you need to use the local ip address of the host (which you can normally find in the network manager of the OS). If you're on different networks, you need the public ip address of the host (which you can get from https://www.whatismyip.com/ as I posted above). The host also needs to forward port 20595 in his routing configuration when you're on different networks.
  11. You can always join by IP address. Tell your friend hosting the game to go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ (or a similar service) and send you his ip-address In the game, go to Multiplayer -> join game, and fill in the ip-address of your friend there (when he is hosting the game). The default port is 20595, but I guess that default should already be there. Sadly, there's nobody we can trust for the moment, certainly not new people. But if your friends trust you, it's still possible to play against them. I hope you understand.
  12. In the game settings, you can set the victory condition to "conquest buildings". Then you'll only have to destroy all buildings to win. The regular "conquest" settings only defeats a player when there's no theoretical possibility to win anymore. So as long as there's a unit available that can either construct buildings or attack something, it's still possible to win, and the game isn't finished. It is indeed true that the AI will never surrender explicitly, and act a bit like an annoying player.
  13. Flash drives are way too expensive for their capacity. If you need a lot of storage space, the only option currently is magnetic storage. On my work laptop (which I'm only using for development purposes, no art, video or games), I'm already using 290 GB of my 1 TB available. And I'm only using that computer for about 6 months now. I know 1 TB SSD exists, but these are 5 to 10 times more expensive than the HDDs.
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