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  1. I will definitely credit the photographer 100% for sure!
  2. Another iconic Chinese mammal you cannot have China without, the Giant Panda! This adorable bear is entirely custom animated and I put alot of work into making the animations, so here is the animal symbol of China! Also I used a CC-BY-2.0 image for the texture if that is alright, it is Share-Alike so I kept to that license.
  3. South China Tiger and Bactrian Camel are finished as the first chinese indigenous animals! Wild Bactrian Camels can be found in Northwestern China, so that is useful for me when adding it in.
  4. Ok great! All the more reason so I can add wildlife to the maps either through contributions or mods, because I already am almost finished making a South China Tiger that Lion.Kanzen requested with pics of other South China animals, so yeah, I am enjoying making South Chinese wildlife indigenous to the area, if there is a list of specific animals for South China, I can contribute considering the fact I am working on a bunch of different species, but be sure to let me know if you guys have any specific animals you would like contributions of because I am more than happy to contribute.
  5. Very cool! The question is mainly that would South China be a part of the game's specific regions, I already know India is for the Mauryans, but is South China considered part of the game's specified regions?
  6. I just saw this, I might be able to make some South Chinese wildlife, also it would be awesome to have both Bengal and South China tigers, since the game already has India as a map region, I might be able to model some South Chinese wildlife if you have a list of animals I could make? Luckily we have Bengal Tigers for India, South China Tigers are a great subspecies to have for a South China region in the development of maps for the region. The other thing too is South China part of the regions that can be in the game already? I am more than happy to contribute animals that are needed in case the other artists are busy with different stuff.
  7. Hi, so I found alot of modeling/texturing reference images under the CC-BY license on the CC Search, I am not talking about the CC-BY-SA license, even though I use that, but the CC-BY license, is it useable with 0.A.D?
  8. Fantastic, I will be able to finish some models later today.
  9. Well, I actually know how to implement things into the engine, and I know what to include, so I have a basic idea already of what i am going to code for this.
  10. Sounds good, I am open to tips on this, since I am busy working on the first hominid for the mod, Sahelanthropus Tchadensis which will be made alongside a map of the Djurab Desert in Chad, North/Central Africa where fossils were found. with some possible animals made to coexist in the same environment as Sahelanthropus in which I am yet to research. Each map in the mod is going to be location based on where fossils were found mainly for each hominid.
  11. I attempted this for Sid Meier's Civilization 4, and kind of gave up on it due to lack of coding knowledge, so I am bringing it to 0AD where I know the engine better.
  12. Sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous idea, but since 0AD is a historical civilizations game, I am making a mod to explore Early Hominids in Africa, I think it would be cool to explore the lineage of our ancestors evolving in prehistoric Africa, in a mod, Sorry if sounds like a ridiculous idea, but I am doing this mod so I can not only make a mod for 0AD of this, but to allow me to explore early hominids and make some interesting models, and landscapes in Atlas and Blender, just thought I would tell you guys I am in the works of making this, any ideas are welcome for this project! Now I already have the plans laid out of how to portray them in a mod, but I am making different maps based on location and research of where they evolved in, and what weapons and tools they used, I am also using mixed textures of real animal images obviously using CC-BY-SA and Public Domain to create Mammals that lived alongside our ancestors. But yeah I am in the early stages of this project, and I hope to eventually release it after the loads of research I am doing to apply with the 0AD engine's limitations, but I am a huge expert and really into research on early hominids, and I look forward to sharing some pics with you guys, I look forward to your ideas and I will be showing some pics soon!
  13. First animal reveal, I give attribution and huge credit to the 0.A.D developers and artists for the Wildebeest already in the 0.A.D base game. But anyways here is the White-Bearded Wildebeest, all animals in the game will have sexual dimorphism meaning males and females will be different in proportions and size just like in real life! The bull and cow Wildebeest, I will eventually make a calf, but not now at the moment. I made some heavy edits to the mesh and uv mapping, created some new animations alongside the existing ones which I brought into Unity already, and created a new texture to fit the species in my game, the White-Bearded Wildebeest which is a key species in the Serengeti Ecosystem, once again I give credit and attribution to the artists and developers who made the model, textures, and animations, and I will include all the credits for the assets used and stuff related to attribution/crediting in the main menu credits section of my game, hope you enjoy this first reveal and more to come soon! Also, quick question, should I give credit and attribution to the artists in every reveal post, or am I better off with doing it in the credits section of my game's main menu?
  14. I am in the works of making an African Wildlife game using 0AD's assets, I am using the Unity Game Engine and luckily, they allow creative commons. My game takes place in the Serengeti National Park stretching out into the Masai Mara and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, I will be posting pics soon, and I look forward to hearing your feedback, I also followed the rules of the licenses. Hope you all will enjoy my progress of this project!
  15. So, I have some great news, I am going to make a topic/thread for the game, where can I post the thread/topic on which section of the forums?
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