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  1. Oh cool I'll update this post later with the info. Log files are here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/240188/logs.tar.gz
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I'll check for an update now. I updated and now when I start a match I get "Player state is undefined" amidst a bunch of other errors on the console (that is the one I was able to capture). Along with this, the only thing that displays is a minimap and a fullscreen menu. Is this a known bug?
  3. I definitely can't take lead on a project like this but I will contribute to the existing mod where I can.
  4. Not what I'm saying. But I've made my point already so I won't repeat myself.
  5. Wow this escalated quickly! Sorry for my angry tone in the beginning btw - not to belabour any point - it would be hard to explain the cause of it. Anyway, I see that there is indeed some serious interest. I'm in for a mod.
  6. Fair enough. All I'm saying (this is my core point), is that in setting out the goals for a game of the sort, it would be more encouraging to both players and contributors of certain demographics if they were not meant to feel like a third or non-thought. I'm trying to find a better, clearer way to put that.
  7. Just as an example of how wrong this is (information is a bit hard to find unfortunately with limited time right now: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mero%C3%AB There were imperial Kingdoms in Africa for most of Africa's history. They're just not mentioned in contemporary history very often, because it's inconvenient to admit that we're not a primitive sub-species that couldn't get anywhere till we had a helping hand.
  8. Thank you for a respectful and reasonable reply. I understand the requirements, and thanks for poiting in the right direction. It should be possible to find some African kingdoms that existed in that period. As for heroes and wonders, that may be a little more difficult, but only because of the lack of archeological documentation of what is actually found in Africa regarding ancient kingdoms. BTW - the Scythians weren't black. Not that this is an issue, per se, but just that I have found whenever people bring up African civilizations, North African (non-black) civilizations are pointed to as e
  9. I will be brief, since I'm almost sure this has been brought up before at least once in some manner. Consider adding some actual black people to the game, and not just as mercenaries. If the Nubians existed enough to be hired as mercenaries, then maybe you might think they must have actually had a distinct civilization? And that is just one black, African civilization. I know your game is meant to be about Rome (as usual) and their contemporaries (as usual). In other words, very Euro-centric. However, I can assure you there is a much wider community that would be happy to not only play, but
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