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  1. + Build V2 + Walk V3 i'm constantly looking for a good .c4d to .dae exporter, But there is not clear answer to that problem. i've seen that some people can do it with out any issue, the problem is they don't say clearly the way to do it. i've already tried a couple, there has to be someway to do it. it's a matter of time.
  2. I'll continue this work whenever i cant. Sadly i cant put all my time on it now, but i'll try to make some progress. I'm very sorry for the later update, soon i'll elabore why
  3. I'm only want to take my pc and continue making animations, but i needed some air at this summer I'll come back, keep calm
  4. i'm out of the city and i dont have my pc here, i'll continue after return home. sorry guys, i'll send everything you need as soon as i can
  5. That's exactly why i did that way. But I was thinking about and some post ago somebody said that there could be an a hunt animation, that could solves the problem between slaughter a sheep (who keep still meantime they are slaughtered) and hunting a moving deer (throwing a spear or a bow and arrow, I don't know). And that will make it more realistic, i doubt that a peasant fights with a knife to hunt a deer. Like i said before, if the game engine can support them, i have no problem with making any animation
  6. Habría que preguntar si es compatible antes de comenzar a hacer esas variables; por ahora me preocuparé de hacer las animaciones principales
  7. that's what i have on mind, but making change on the animation from an upgrade tech? that implies programing too, animate isn't the problem
  8. If it's can be implemented on the game i have no problem with making any animation. but like i said before, it's not up to me
  9. +Carry Grain/fruit +Slaughter +Carry Meat I think maybe every death animations must be finish in the center of the model, so there would be no problem like the one you see in the meat gathering video I'll finish all the FC's animations and then i'll check and try everything you ask
  10. +Farming +Carry Grain/Fruit +Meat Gathering there is no gameplay because i'm having some troubles with the prop in the back bones. I'll fix it soon enough. That it's not up to me, it's a great idea. i would love to make any animation even more if it makes a difference with other games. Yea, I just wanted to make it look more heavier. i'll fix that later as you can see i have a plenty of time...for now, And Yesterday i came up with an idea to make a little animation for the logo of 0AD, i'll upload it in a couple of days. It's no much but maybe you like it. Here you have an advance about how it's looks like.
  11. I think that one is better than the last one, it was to much relaxed. She wasn't cutting the tree, she was only removing the cortex. Thanks again, it's more easier work with your feedback. i'll make the missing animations before i start to check out new versions, so if you have recomendations, I can work in all at once.
  12. +Choping wood v2 +Carry ore v2 +Carry wood wtf did smoke that woman at 1:47 ? anyway that video help me a lot, thanks Lion
  13. + Choping good You can't think that a woman can swings a pickaxe like a man does, there is a little more effort to do the job. However i'll make another version
  14. + Walk v4 + Mining v5 + Carry Ore I'll make those variations after i finish all the main animations. And I wanted to see her legs ... i mean, for the animation obviously
  15. + Mining v4 will take some time find a good walk cycle, be patience i'll make the main animation first then add some variations for each one so any recomendation or references i'll be glad to read/see it. I'm working in the compatibilty with blender, when i have some news you'll be read about it yes...but i'm a graphic designer lol
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