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    Character animation :) + Other things to do film animated film making.
  1. Getting a little nostalgic recently. I seem to recall that Wildfire Games and Reverie Studios were originally offshoots of the famous AoE2 scenario/modding studios SCNPunk and Tsunami Studios. I wonder if anyone can fill me in on the details This is actually a very interesting subject if I recall, but I never did get many details.
  2. Thanks for the info guys I think the main point I was getting at about the territorial borders, is that it doesn't really add anything to the experience or enjoyment of the game. It's an artificial restricter, and players don't like that. Yes in SC2 buildings are usually built around the mineral line, however rush strats are possible due to Protoss' warp tech, Terran's bunkers, Zerg's speed as well as a few other ways. However considering 0AD is closer to AOE gameplay, I was more referring to it. i.e. unrestricted building placement. In terms of using a civic as a precursor to foward buildin
  3. I was just wondering... I know the engine has been in development for years, however I can't help but feel you might benefit from switching to a ready-made engine. It would be stable, perform well and have nice bells and whistles. Above all, it would mean you can start focusing more on the game aspect. Has this been considered?
  4. Hi everyone, Been following this project for many years now and am glad to see it in working condition Here's a few suggestions based on my experience with other RTS's. I know that "realism" is a big influence in your game design choices, so some suggestions you may not agree with. Game speed needs to be increased dramatically. I'm not just talking about gather and train rates, but the speed that units move and, of almost equivocal important- speed of the animations. I could possibly help you on this (animation)... but not for another half a year.More feedback - I need to hear when a unit's
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