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  1. Moin, i'm throwing an other name in the cup: Megasthenes he was an ambassador of Seleucus to Chandragupta Maurya, and he is the main source of historical information we have about the Maura empire. Thats similar to early Germans, where the main source is Tacitus (for whom I'll vote if 'T' comes up ;-) ciao,Kephra
  2. Moin, but currently the Ekdromoi behave like super peltasts, who are faster, have better armor and more punch than a normal peltast, while the idea of real Ekdromos had been to have light hoplites who are fast runners, fight in open or lose formation to hunt down peltast, to counter peltasts. The current Ekdromos are one of the strongest units, but they make Greek feel wrong, because they are implemented as ranged and not as melee. Make them extreme fast running, medium armor infanty, that has bonus again bows and javelins, and malus against heavy infantry. ciao,Kephra
  3. Moin, there are few troops I would like to be different: The first two changes would be easy, the third difficult at the current stage. Ekdromos had been out runners to counter Peltasts, so they should be light Hoplites, able to run fast enough to catch a Peltast, with good armor against arrows and javelins, but not enough armor to stand in the line of battle. The basic Persian Asabari should wield a bow and not a javelin, imho. The Persians preferred the higher range and larger ammunition of a bow, over the short range but higher punch javelin. Greeks preferred the opposite. The immortal Anus
  4. Moin, The discussion drove away from the more important psychological aspects of a battle to small numbers. These small numbers have only a linear influence on the outcome of battles, while the sheer number of troops has a square influence and psychological aspects out weight both (*). This is perhaps because most people here do not come from a wargamers background but from computer games. So lets try to focus back on psychological aspects. A cavalry charge against infantry with long spears will certainly fail, if the infantry are regular soldiers, and likely succeed if they are drafted peas
  5. Moin, as told above, GPL does not forbit earning money. A good share of my income comes for maintaining a software I've published under GPL in 1996. But releasing an ad-ridden 0ad, would certainly cause someone to patch it, to remove the ads. So I would go a path similar to Second Life: - The Game itself is free GPL'ed open source. - The Lobby server will generate money, by showing ads or selling vanity. Lets hand wave two possible business models: - Advertisments on the lobby server could generate a small income, at least big enough to cover the server costs. - A lobby server could implement
  6. Moin, I started wargaming in pre-computer era, tin soldier tabletops with books full of army list and rules. And I'm missing 3 aspects of ancient warfare: Discipline: This value tells how a unit follows commands. How fast they group into formation. If they obey stand and defend orders in seight of an enemy and the like. Typical values could be Regular, Irregular, Drafted, Barbarian, and Fanatics. Morale: This value tells how many casualities a group of can stand before they retreat or flee. Role: The role reflects how a unit will behave in combat. Typical are Skirmish (e.g. Peltast), Archers (
  7. Moin, *oups* sorry - Naked in terms of a wargamer means that they wear no armour. ciao,Michael
  8. Moin, But Ekdromoi had not been super Peltast, but counter Peltast, historically. They had a ligher Apsis, no leg guards, and no body armour, to leave phalanx formation and to outrun Peltast. My vote for the strongest faction currently is Carthago. They have a wide range of siege engines, a good combi of house troops, elephants, sacred band, mercenaries, ... ciao,Kephra
  9. Moin, I like the hebrews, even if there are more important armies to finish first (Persian, Rome, Germans, Indians, Mongols, Chinese, ...) The problem that they have lots of badly equipped, highly motivated troops. Naked fanatic men with swords. So once 0ad implements fanatics, who do not obey a stand order, and always attack, the hebrew would come handy as a test. Civ center should offer: Light infantry with swords. Benjaminites: Light infantry with stone slings. Light cavalry with javelin. Taktikum should give in addition: Fanatic Swordsmen Fanatic Javelinmen Hebrews have historically not be
  10. Moin, where to build the Usabari (Camelry)? And will there be a feature, that camels make horses go crazy, even own horses. ciao,Kephra
  11. Moin, *w00t* I've play tested the Persians. Setting SelectableInGameSetup to true in binaries/data/mods/public/civs/pers.json allows to use them on a random map. Several units lack an icon. The chariot unit display as a normal man. There are no siege engines for Persia yet. But its possible to play Persia, look at progress, and *w00t* at the new buildings and units. ciao,Kephra
  12. Moin, for following /trunk/ the Windows users have a binary, while Linux users prefer to compile for themself. The current fps bottleneck is not the graphics or IO, but somewhere in AI pathfinding/economy update, iirc. So both Windows and Linux become really slow sometimes, independent of OS. ciao,Kephr PS: It looks as if AI compute scripts/plan setup/economy update eats a lot of time, once an AI lost its civ center.
  13. Moin, I've play tested Carthago a bit more - and I even if I really like them, I fear they are overpowered currently. 1 The civ center combination of Spear Infantry, Bow Infantry and Javelin Cavalry is super strong. Carthago was not known for good own troops, but known to prefer mercenaries. Solution: Make them weaker than other civ center troops 2 The sacred band is a very strong block troop Solution: Make them more expensive 3 Elephants are super strong, as they can both function to stop troops and to crush buildings Solution: Make them population 3 or even 4 4 Mercenaries can be used as
  14. Moin, I've updated my trunk recently and *w00t* for the Embassies ! I like those mercenaries who do not cost food but metal. But I would prefer if they come in advanced level only, so they are better than fresh own troops, but not as good as own elite troops. ciao,Kephra
  15. Moin, *w00t* for the Carthago preview in svn trunk ! I really like the buildings and troops. But I have a few questions: Carthago was known to prefer mercenaries instead of fighting themself. 0ad reflects this, as most units are not from north africa. But I wonder, why are those mercenaries able to gain experience/loot. It would be better, imho, if those mercenaries are treated like super units, and not gain experience. An other suggestion is that those mercenaries dont rez in civil center or barracks but in special buildings. So one should build an Iberian house to get access to Iberian sling
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