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  1. Beat in 25:32... Your tactics are sound Mythos =) Just a note, adding archers into town centres makes them deadly =)
  2. Hey all, I'm back =) I've been on vacation to the east coast (Canada) for 10 days, and since then, my internet went down, and we just got it fixed today =) Mrjeremister =)
  3. The units disregard orders- especially when being trailed is because who in their right sense would go right into the clasp of people trying to kill it? - Like think, If you were (x) and was chasing you... and you want the unit to get to (z), (x) would want to take the farthest way from curving into as possible. However, I agree it is terribly annoying- but it's basically telling your troops to take another sword slash and lose another 50 health before you can come to safety. -It can be reversed by a nice ambush, however. =) The people are so intent on following (x) that they don't notice that their being killed =)
  4. Keep in mind- training 50 Spartans = 2500 Food, 3750 Wood, 1250 Metal- Whereas I could train 75 Hoplites and 16 Archers for- 3750 Food, 2500 Wood, 1200 Metal So 91 Average Troops vs. 50 Super Troops? In Rome Total War, I would choose Super Troops, but in 0 AD, numerical superiority is better- and hoplites have economic abilities to...
  5. Hrm. Weird... Whenever I click it, it still doesn't run carthaginian units... Do I have to download SVN version first?
  6. And sorry to bother you guys again.... But after you download things from Public SVN- (Carthaginian Units/Buildings) What do you have to do to incorporate them into the game? I've already put all of them in the "Templates/Units (Or) Structures" Folder and the /Art/Actors/Units (or) Structures But I can't seem to find them in Atlas or in-game
  7. Will there just be a release of new Carthaginian Soldiers/Buildings in Alpha 7, or will it be the WHOLE entire civ? And judging by the quickness between the Iberian and Carthaginian Civilization- 2 Alphas, does that mean Persia will be ready in Alpha 9 (or 8)?
  8. Thanks ^^ And how does the XMB File work?
  9. Running System: Windows 7 I can't find my maps in the folder I saved them- /mods/public/public/maps/scenarios... I was going to turn it into a .zip and share it online... but yeah... I went to Atlas, and unchecked it on "Hidden" but it still will not show up... Help please? Thanks...
  10. Good point- but if you supplied the people with troops, such as in - The Massacre at Delphi, you could easily destroy the opponent... It would be nice if instead of "Training Mercenaries- something like the AoE "Home City" Sending mercenaries would be nice- but then the whole Carthaginian army would be there. It's like the Carthagnians in the Punic Wars ^^ The Mercenary wars, where Rome supposedly "Helped" Carthage, but ended up taking Sardinia
  11. ^^ Good for rushing in the beginning. Get your troops to build a barracks- and just spam these archers and hit the enemy... Too easy of a game?
  12. Finished the Iberians- http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14926&st=6
  13. I'm okay with FDL or CC-BY-SA. It doesn't really matter to me. @Mythos- sorry =( I started making the guide in word during the last phase of Alpha 5- so.. =S
  14. Sorry, I'm out =( I'm on Vacation from the 23rd to the 2nd of August =(
  15. I'm not done my Iberian Profile yet, so it'll be a little until I get it done =)
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