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  1. I'm actually going to wait until alpha 8, and I'm adding a section on game modification and the atlas editor.
  2. Alright, i've done those changes feneur. I'll be adding more images and content, so by the end of the week or next alpha i'll have a new revision out.
  3. Alright, agreed. Awesome, i'll have a look in there today. haha, yeah thanks. Yeah, the problem is the highest resolution logo was 400x200, but i'll download the svg and resize that. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. yeah, I'll download the SVN and have a look at the new faction and start typing it up. One dialema, how to write '0A.D.!'; is it '0A.D.!' or '0A.D!' Thanks, Asmartgoat
  5. Hi, Over the next week i'll be updating the 0A.D. Game guide as I have more time for this now, have a view here: Direct Download (no registration required) Please do have a read, it's hopefully quite good now. Please suggest any improvements that can be made, i'm not sure what I can do but I'll trawl for more information on units and probably restructure section 9 because it is a terrible terrible mess. Thanks, asmartgoat Luke
  6. Desura does support Linux now (in beta). But, why have your game laden with DRM, when you can have it without?
  7. Thats an Idea. I might import a bigger version of them though when I next do a video.
  8. Please, Can we have Skybox on by default in atlas, I don't think anyone will mind seeing the edge while editing? Or is it more complicated than that, am I missing something? Or, is there a quick and dirty solution for the skybox?
  9. The angle + me clicking slow on atlas and not speeding it up in the video editor. As stated; just a Muckaround.
  10. Persians have been pushed to git and they're civ set is as far as I can see, complete. Hopefully we get them in alpha 8. And, on a side note: Here is a nice vid made by me. (We need skybox, chromakeying is terrible. ) Stupid video editor, won't show me it in Widescreen while editing so I can't predict where items are going to fall. (thats the cause of the shifted video in the villager collection section.)
  11. o.o Good thing for territories, or Rugos would have filled up the WHOLE map.
  12. Ah, I'm wrong on that. But AFAIK, .apks are only java?. But you *Can* install stuff like busybox etc. But its not the norm. Anyway, i've only done a little in java, so i'm no expert.
  13. Hi, I had a look at your new website, and It's good to see you have somebody working on that (I was going to offer ) It looks very nice, the only problem is there is no background image and that the red banner has no ending piece, looks choppy at the moment. Do you have somebody helping with the site, if not I can donate my time. Also, I'm curious, I Remember someone stated that you are moving away from IPB, how do you plan to do that with WP? Edit: IPB handles the website. Oh! Anyway, Just my <title>$0.02</title> Edit: Fixed IPB's stuff up.
  14. It would require a complete rewrite of the game engine for each of these devices since they are both java based.
  15. This is an excellent idea, it should work as the towers do: more units garrisoned = faster fire rate. With the exception of it can't move without units, and has no 'owner', the owner is who has units inside, and when you fight it; you fight the garrisoned units.
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