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  1. but you can pay money for professional models, textures, shaders, music, sounds, scenario and etc.
  2. ImG


    can you release 0ad on desura? http://www.desura.com/
  3. There can be 2 ways to improve maps borders: 1. when you cant see the border becouse of barrier(mountains, rocks in the water, big evil-minded monster from the legends) 2. clear border like http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/...ap_shepherd.jpg or something like picture frame.
  4. it is not a problem at all. but it can looks much better with this changes)
  5. user should not see an end of the maps. on the border can be placed impassable areas such as mountains or rivers. When boat goes far away from dry land people can screem something like "Oh, no! I can see Kraken(or Cthulhu) there! we must return" and if boat continue to sail there can be one of these cases: 1. boat crew will kill capitan and return to the port(you cant do anything) 2. boat crew will kill capitan and become a pirates(or change their fraction) 3. Kraken(or Cthulhu) will kill everybody in the boat. 4. something else. can something like that be realized?)
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