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  1. I play it. Very often, my name in there is C2. You forgot the akimbo pistols.
  2. http://hosted.tribalwar.com/legends/ It's a 60 MB download compatible Windows and Linux. It's based on the Torque engine, the same used for Tribes. I play it sometimes with some people from Linux forums. I hope some of you will try it....
  3. I use Mplayer and XMMS. They own. Btw you must have very deep psychological problems to use Windows Media Player and/or Quicktime.....
  4. I was drunk. Actually, I clicked on ''forums'' from the 0 a.d. page.
  5. I am crossing EVERYTHING I have.
  6. MEIN! Edit (DarkAngelBGE): Post in English !
  7. It's possible? I mean, what kind of ethernet card do you have?
  8. Here is a question for you: What makes POSTING 3 TREADS AT ONCE so fun?
  9. WW2 Urban resistance-GTA3 style with multiplayer and full immersion kinda like Pumped Up BF1942. Located in Poland probably,
  10. Noname Custom made: Motherboard: Intel D815EEAL with audio out all in one(+gpu) Case: Noname CPU:Intel Pentium 3 866EB mhz 256K 133MHZ RAM: Noname 256 mb SDRAM PC-133 Video Card: Jaton Geforce 2 mx 32 mb ram Sound Card: Creative Labs Sounds Blaster live! 256 pci Modem: GRC shiznit HD: Maxtor 30 gb Optical Drives: 52x LG, Sony 32x-4x-8x burner. FDD: Panasonic Mouse: logitech optical Keyboard: Noname shiznitz Screen: TTX 8797 OS: Linux mandrake 9.1 with kernel 2.4.21-0.13mdk I also have a sound system plugged in it. When I play ET you hear Nazis die accross the house.
  11. Get Indigo Workstations and all the RAM and Video Cards you can fetch.
  12. Pentium 3 866mhz clock speed 256mb sdram Jaton Geforce 2 mx 32mb of onboard ram
  13. Plants, lot's and lot's of them. Different sorts of rocks, puddles, etc.
  14. I was wondering if This was actually made with some sort of engine, or was just graphics pasted together.
  15. The main page looks crappy in any browser other then IE, so cross test it.
  16. Probablu Aokh, But I need to know when... THE PERIOD
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