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  1. Yeah I know. I liked the temp I chose because it isn't too complex, but it isn't too dull either.
  2. Well I finally started a persional blog of my own. Check it out here - http://stephen-b.blogspot.com/ Enjoy!
  3. I have Skype, I use it more that once a day. The audio quality is awesome!
  4. Most deffinetly! You will need to sign up for an offer after you make an account, so I can help you with that if you need it. Question: What gaming console will you go for? When you sign up under a referral link it is just like signing up normally, except you help the person you signed up under. Which means you can get 4 of your own friends and receive a console! EDIT: Btw, Who here has signed up under me so far? freegamingsystems.com shows under my referral status an e-mail address of a user that reffered me. I could say the e-mail address but just incase the person who signed up doesn't want the address to be posted... I won't. Anyway I was just curius to who that was.
  5. I think I may know of somebody who will sign up under my link, which means that I will only need 3 more referrals after that. I am still open to anybody who is willing to do this. Thanks!
  6. Too bad it is US only... Well thanks anyway!
  7. Hey guys! I need some help here - http://www.FreeGamingSystems.com/?r=14537917 I have been trying to find 4 people who would sign up under me and complete an offer for a long time at this site. Well I just don't know that many people who would believe that this site really does give out free stuff. Well on that note yes it really does give out free stuff which sounds CRAZY, but it isn't. Some of you have probably heard of this site since it is pretty popular but for those of you who haven't and haven't signed up yet I need your help. To sign up copy the link above and paste it into Internet Explorer (not Firefox since it could mess things up) then sign up and make sure that you are signing up under the address above otherwise you will not reffer me. Oh and if you need an offer suggestion well I used Efax plus since that one is free. If you need any help or any questions about how this works or what to do please ask me since I have been playing with this for a while now. You will also need to disable any adblocker or it will block the offer page. Here is a helpfull site about all the offers, just click on ratings. http://www.ratetheoffers.com/ Thanks!
  8. Out of all those teams I think T-Wolves have it. The Lkers have a good chance but I hope they don't!
  9. Yeah! Every once and a while she will do something crazy/insane!
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