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  1. I bought my dad some tools and my mom a cd she really wanted and some candles.
  2. I finally had a about an hour to spare so I decided to stop by and see how things are going. How is everybody?
  3. The day of thanks has come upon. It's 2 am here in So Cal. Later on today I'll be going to my grandma's house and stuffing my wonderful face with all sorts of delicious edibles.
  4. I say the fans are the ones to blame. They were the ones that started the whole brawl by throwing beer at Ron Artest.
  5. I can understand the 25 members with only 1000+ posts. When Tim deleted all of the spam posts, most of a lot of member post declined.
  6. LMAO. This is great stuff. How do people think of this?
  7. Congrats!!! Hope all goes well with your other colleges.
  8. I'm not deleting my cookines everynight, but my brother might be (we have to share a computer). @Nathanael-I have already deleted the files and it keeps doing the same thing. I think that my computer is just acting retarded. Maybe if I threw it out the window it will work properly?
  9. Ok, so here's my problem. Whenever I enter the forums it doesn't remeber me. Then, when I log in the "Remember Me" box is checked. Is my computer just being retarded or are other people experiencing this same problem?
  10. Looks good to me Brian. Good stuff. Mine is going to be so bad.
  11. Good work!! I could work on one of those things for days and never figre it out/
  12. Welcome to the Forums Adam's Brother!!!
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